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Doug Chinnery Untitled landscape photograph

Thomas Peck’s Critiques

Much photography is descriptive in a literal sense. Sharp lenses, high resolution cameras transcribe in great detail and clarity whatever subject the photographer choses. The viewer recognises instantly what is being shown; as a result interpretation is relatively simple. That   [ read ]


Photography Road Trip

Our two-stage photography road trip had been planned since the autumn of 2013. Starting in San Francisco in early May 2014 a friend from California and I drove 1500 meandering miles to Seattle over a period of about 8 days   [ read ]

Larry Monczka

Larry Monczka and Kathleen Pickard

On this occasion, we have a joint interview with husband and wife Larry Monczka and Kathleen Pickard who live on the northern shore of Lake Erie in Norfolk County, Canada.  Spring 2015 sees a joint exhibition of their photography called   [ read ]


Rod Bennington’s “A Year at Thorpe Perrow”

Rod Bennington’s exhibition comprises photographs resulting from more than fifty visits to Thorp Perrow Arboretum, displaying its remarkable appeal throughout the year. Born in North Yorkshire and having spent most of his life in the area, Rod now lives near   [ read ]

© John Blakemore - Reflections

John Blakemore Book Binding and Sequencing Workshop

I had the real pleasure of meeting one of the greatest living British photographers recently; John Blakemore. Not only did I get to meet him, but I was able to spend two days with him, listening and learning from the   [ read ]


Livestreaming Event – Talking Lens Testing

Choosing lenses can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. Without buying a range of lenses and testing them yourself, you have to rely on personal recommendations or online lens reviews. However, recommendations are subjective and understanding lens   [ read ]


Southbound – Photography of a Southern Landscape

A new exhibition of unique, award-winning landscape photography from the country’s south eastern corner, by Valda Bailey, David Baker, Terry Gibbins and Finn Hopson. The South Eastern counties of England are not necessarily the first places that spring to mind   [ read ]


On Limitations and Creativity

This morning I read a comment on a Facebook post saying simply that the weather recently had sapped any creativity and discouraged photography trips. I paraphrase, obviously, but it’s a sentiment that is seen expressed often. I’ve said it myself   [ read ]

Emerald Gorge

Russ Barnes

We tend to think of photojournalism in terms of that which fills the pages of our newspapers, but speaking to Russ Barnes it seems like a good description of his approach to image making. He says that he often goes   [ read ]


10th March Livestreaming – Talking Tilt Shift

Tuesday 10th March, 8pm GMT We’ve written articles about tilt shift photography in previous issues, for instance: Tilt / Shift Photography – Introduction to lens tilts in photography What’s the Shift in Tilt / Shift? A look at lens shift with DSLR   [ read ]


The 5DS and 5DSR

The recent announcement of the 5DS and the 5DSR have caused quite a kerfuffle, as is to be expected. What is quite surprising though is the number of people either writing the camera off, or announcing it to be the   [ read ]


Deborah Hughes

This issue we’re interviewing Deborah Hughs, a photographer from La Sal, Utah (Near Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Hovenweep and Natural Bridges National Monuments). Deborah is retired but is still busy with her garden, grandchildren, representing local charities   [ read ]

10th Feb live

10th February Live Broadcast

This is the page where you need to view the Livestreaming event on 10th February, 8pm. To register for the event, please go to the following article. Tim Parkin has recently on a tour around Iceland and David has been   [ read ]


10th of February Live Broadcast

With the success of the live broadcasts from our conference we’ve decided to run a few more and the first of these will be on the 10th of February. Tim Parkin has recently on a tour around Iceland and David   [ read ]

Three Elephants - Botswana

The Slow Interview with photographer Mark Olwick

Most interviews are done by phone or such like, and the interviewee has little time to think in depth about each question. I chose to interview Mark Olwick by e-mail, over a number of weeks, while he was travelling, giving   [ read ]

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