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moorside flyer


‘MOORSIDEVIEW’ is a new landscape photography event being organised in Pickering. Continue reading

IMG_0137 as Smart Object-1

“Peak District – Through the Lens” by James Grant

Very few books go into this much depth & if you’re visiting you’ll definitely find things of interest near you. Continue reading


Zero Footprint at the Environmental Arts Festival

We’ve been invited to exhibit some of the work as part of this years Environmental Arts Festival. Continue reading

8.Steam on Snow (1)

Hannah Devereux

The element of landscape photography that I love is not about capturing a place as it is in reality and displaying it Continue reading


Testing the Canon 5DS(r)

Ever since the Canon 5D Mark III was released, photographers have been crying out for more resolution. Continue reading


Live Streaming Event – 14th July, 8pm BST

On Tuesday 14th July, 8pm BSTTim will be chatting with David Ward about his recent travels Continue reading


Masters of Vision 2015

Masters of Vision 2015 will be the 4th exhibition. Continue reading

Lines of Tall Trees

Linda Wevill

Once we are freed from the concerns of equipment & technique, we concentrate on the image. Continue reading

Fishing net checking. Hoang Long Ly

The Environmental Photographer of the Year, 2015

Following on from helping the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition with their judging, I was also asked to help judge the Environmental Photographer of the Year (alongside the excellent photographer Stephen Vaughan). It may not have the profile of   [ read ]


Endframe – “The Markerstone: Harlech to London Road” by Fay Godwin

Fay Godwin (17 February 1931 – 27 May 2005) The Markerstone: Harlech to London Road. Wales 1974 I don’t think I can say I have one all time favourite photograph. I have so many for different reasons and moods. But   [ read ]

16 RiverAffric full flow-3795

Interview with Karen Thurman

Tim Parkin: Hi Karen, where are you based then? Karen Thurman: Luton TP: Not a renowned landscape location KT: No, but one of our ‘On Your Doorstep’ locations. One of the ones we’ve already done. TP: And what do you   [ read ]

Rees River_2048_OL

Caroline Fraser

Caroline Fraser’s images from New Zealand have made some think she hails from down under, so an interview with her is a good chance to clear this up (she lives in Sussex). However busy Caroline’s work-life balance may be, she   [ read ]


Building Your Own Gallery

When we looked into moving house a few years ago, one of the criteria I had was that it had to have some outbuildings. I had all sorts of ambitious ideas about a large studio or gallery, even a teaching space where   [ read ]


Uncommon Ground by Dominick Tyler

This is a bit of a departure for my usual book purchasing, it’s more in line with a dictionary or encyclopedia than a photography book but I think it’s definitely of interest to those with a passion for the landscape.   [ read ]

By early June the alder are not quite in full leaf and gaps in the canopy still allow light through to the river.  A light breeze stipples the water blue from the sky and green from the bankside.  Dark shadows drop from the trunks to complete a piece of natural impressionism.

Interview with Michéla Griffith

Michéla is a contributor to On Landscape (click to see her other articles), interviewing many featured photographers for the publication and she has just launched an exhibition at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton. Tim caught up with Michéla to talk   [ read ]

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