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    on Distant Horizons

    It must have been rather fab to research this, and it's terrific to encounter artists involved in the genre.

    - milouvision, 11:20 16th Jun

    on Camera Survey

    It might be interesting to see how the votes would stack if you asked in three months to repeat the survey, I for one missed the original request. It's a very interesting survey and nice to see that Pentax still have such a large following, likewise the medium and large format categories, [...]

    - Douglas Salteri, 08:54 16th Jun

    on Is Adobe Creative Cloud Bad For Photographers?

    Great article Paul! I hope Adobe will continue to develop Photoshop with new features for photographers. I would love some new adjustment layers, how about midtone contrast (a.k.a clarity)?

    - Magnus Lindbom, 07:32 16th Jun
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Mirex adapter for Canon EOS to Sony ‘E’ Mount

Our recent article on the Mirex adapters from Germany sparked a lot of interest with the opportunity to mount medium format lenses on Nikon or Canon SLR cameras. In a little advertised move (you wont find it on the Mirex   [ read ]


Harvey Lloyd-Thomas

Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation? As a child I was always into painting and drawing, along with Lego and later programming my ZX81. I did Art at A   [ read ]


The Year of the Print by Charlie Waite

In the days before digital photography, I knew a passionate, avid and talented amateur photographer who, despite spending most of his free time out in the landscape photographing, rarely processed his film or printed his images. Why would this have   [ read ]


Marianthi Lainas

While UK’s coastline draws photographers from far and wide, the chances are that The Wirral may not be uppermost in your mind when contemplating your next excursion.  It is home to Marianthi Lainas, whose deceptively simple and often peaceful images   [ read ]


A7R on the Road in Scotland

  The first two articles looked at the A7R and some wide angle options available to the landscape photographer. I had the opportunity to take the camera and lenses to Scotland in the first week of February for some Winter   [ read ]

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Landscape Photography Conference 2014

As you might have noticed in our email newsletter or in the editors comments at the start of last issues PDF, we have been planning a landscape photography conference for November of this year and we started selling tickets to   [ read ]

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Blind Critique Dav Thomas and David Breen

I hope you’ve had time to drop in on one of our blind critique sessions over the last couple of months. Dav Thomas and David Breen, the two directors of Triplekite Publishing, took part in one at the end of   [ read ]


Sea Fever by David Baker

Books by British landscape photographers are fairly thin on the ground.  We’ve a handful from the end of last year that we’re going to review but there is one book from one of our featured photographers that we thought you’d   [ read ]

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Creative Landscape Photography Webinar

Apologies for the delay in posting this video (it’s been on You Tube for a little while but we forgot to post an article telling you about it). This is the last part of Doug Chinnery’s three part series on   [ read ]

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Blind Critique with David Clapp (Part Two)

We had to run a second Blind Critique Webinar with David Clapp because of the volume of submissions. We might have gone a bit quick through these but we hope you got some good feedback. The webinars are open to   [ read ]

Esen Tunar - On Landscape (6)

Esen Tunar

Esen Tunar has been impressing people with his astrophotography and aurora pictures on Flickr for some time but he’s not just a sky watcher as the images in this weeks featured photographer show.. Can you tell me a little about   [ read ]

Paul’s notebooks clearly illustrate his connection with the landscape and his depth of feeling for it – evident in his photographs within the book.

On Paul Wakefield and “The Landscape”

We’re very pleased to be able to include content from a PDF designed by Eddie Ephraums, about Paul Wakefield’s new book “The Landscape” which includes extracts from Paul’s notebooks, page spreads and also two short essays by Joe Cornish and   [ read ]


Paul Wakefield Workshop

If you ask many people who the seminal landscape photographers in the UK were I’m sure a majority would mention Joe Cornish and Charlie Waite. However who would Joe and Charlie mention if asked the same question. The answer would   [ read ]

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Terry Johnson

We at On Landscape have been aware of Terry and his growing body of work for some time. His approach to photographing trees is strongly graphic and quite reminiscent of some oriental art. His refreshingly different approach to a common   [ read ]


From the Ashes Rise

I’ve been making photographs in Epping Forest regularly for almost three years. It was my intention to bring the project to a close in July. My visits are generally much less frequent during the summer as it’s all far too   [ read ]

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