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Carbon to Carbon

David Chalmers in Conversation with Joe Cornish

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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David Chalmers, a product photographer who specialises in the drink industry, is also a landscape photographer and Joe Cornish recently interviewed him at the Woodend Creative Workspace. His recent work, and the major topic of the talk, is the use of carbon printing but with the extra twist of making the photographs from wood sourced from the copse that the photographs were taken in. We also asked David a few questions which are included below the video including some of his images.

We're hoping to get to meet David and perhaps get a demonstration of the processes for On Landscape at some point and perhaps some more on location video. Until then..

photographed by Tony Bartholomew

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  • John Robinson


    Fascinating process and wonderful interview. I was absolutely immersed watching the video, the processing of the images was as creative as the work itself.

    There’s no question of a man’s passion for his art when it requires lugging a 10×8 view camera around the field knowing that a 36 hour process will follow to provide the final print.

    That said, his work was stunning and worth every effort, brilliant interview! Thanks, Joe.

  • Magnus Lindbom

    Very interesting to find out about Davids work. The video is really excellent and inspiring, as are the images.

  • radek dorniak

    This is truly outstanding. An extraordinary proces and workflow – thought provoking and inspiring. Very well filmed and presented. Thank you Joe and David.

  • LShepherd

    A really fascinating video – beautifully filmed as well! I didn’t catch the name of the paper David was using and would be interested to know?

  • David Chalmers

    The prints were made on Velin Arches Cotton Rag . I had to size the paper with a 3% gelatin solution. This size also had to be hardened with a 0.5% Chrome Alum.

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