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Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure Photography

Part Two of Doug Chinnery's Series

Doug Chinnery

I am an artist working with images full of colour and movement in an attempt to express what I see around me. Inspired by artists, in particular the impressionists and abstract impressionists as well as Chris Friel and Valda Bailey, I work in abstraction trying to capture mood and emotion. I live in obscurity with my wife, Beth, and my buddy, Eddie.


Our first instalment of Doug Chinnery's series on using Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and Multiple Exposure (ME) creative landscape photography techniques was a webinar discussing the reasons for this approach and also looking at some of the examples.

In our second part of the series, Doug Chinnery took our editor to Clumber Park to show the practical issues and approaches to working with these techniques.

Don't forget that our final webinar instalment discussing these techniques where Doug will be post processing some of the images taken in this session.

Articles on Multiple Exposure and ICM in Landscape Photography

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