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Recording of the talks at the exhibition launch

Graham Cook

In retirement, Graham Cook is a painter of portraits and a free-thinking abstract photographer with determination to retain an openness of mind and capacity for wonderment.


Doug Chinnery

I am an artist working with images full of colour and movement in an attempt to express what I see around me. Inspired by artists, in particular the impressionists and abstract impressionists as well as Chris Friel and Valda Bailey, I work in abstraction trying to capture mood and emotion. I live in obscurity with my wife, Beth, and my buddy, Eddie.


Mark Littlejohn

Mark Littlejohn is a landscape photographer based on the edge of the English Lake District. He specialises in moody, atmospheric early morning conditions and offers bespoke one-to-one workshops and Lakeland tours.


Valda Bailey

I used to paint, and I think as a consequence of this, I enjoy trying to push the boundaries of what photography can be. I use multiple exposures and camera movement to help simplify and abstract the detail in a scene. It is a way of working which is controllable to a certain degree, but still has a great deal of unpredictability about it. Post processing is generally limited. I prefer to achieve the structure, detail and composition I want in camera and then tweak the colours and contrast in Lightroom. The consequence of this approach however is an overflowing trash can and a doubtless rapidly deteriorating shutter.


David Ward

T-shirt winning landscape photographer, one time carpenter, full-time workshop leader and occasional author who does all his own decorating.


Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer.


Graham sees the world in a unique way; his process of looking at the landscape and the images he makes are truly abstractions/extractions of the world. These aren't typical, classic landscape images but are definitely 'of' the landscape and hint at subjects and processes seen anew.

We interviewed Graham as our featured photographer in issue 178 (read it here) and his exhibition launched on Saturday 9th March with talks by Doug Chinnery, Mark Littlejohn, Valda Bailey, David Ward and Joe Cornish interviewing Graham Cook.

For those who could not join, we recorded the talks so everyone could watch and immerse themselves in hearing these spellbinding talks.

We enjoyed the talks and the exhibition immensely and can highly recommend a visit if you'd like to see abstraction of the natural world done exceptionally well.

Graham is publishing a book of his photography to coincide with his exhibition, titled “INNERVISIBLE Photography by Graham Cook” and is available on his website.

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