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Dan Rubin – “From Instant Film to iPhone”

Talks at The Photography Show 2016

Dan Rubin

Born in Miami Beach and now living in London, Dan is a designer, photographer, and founder / creative director of webgraph, a multi-disciplinary studio based in the US.


Dan Rubin joined us at the Photography Show on the Linhof Studio stand in March 2016. He gave an inspiring talk on his working practice and his discovery and use of Instagram.

Although not wholly landscape related, the talk shows how a passion for photography in all its forms can lead to commercial opportunities. It's well worth a watch!

From Instant Film to iPhone: Embracing multiple formats in the age of Instagram

As one of the original beta testers of Instagram, Dan has built a reputation for pushing smartphones beyond the snapshot. However, his understanding of what a camera can and cannot do stems from his love of all photographic formats — instant film, 35mm, medium and large format, digital — and a curiosity to explore the boundaries of each.

Dan will take you through his experiences from Polaroid SX-70 to Sony Alphas and upcoming projects from iPhone to 8×10, and share his thoughts on the importance — and benefits — of shooting multiple formats and a professional analogue to digital workflow.




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