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Larry Monczka, Nick Petrides, William Dore & Robert Hewitt

Nick Petrides

Hi I am a student photographer and have an absolute passion for photography.


William Dore

I'm a just turned fifty year old enthusiast from Ayrshire. I've been the MD of a family business for the last 17 years, currently employing circa 55 people. Something to take my mind off work is essential; photography is that something. I spend most of my time taking landscapes or seascapes but will occasionally try other stuff (street etc).


Robert Hewitt

I am amateur landscape photographer. Now that I am semi-retired, I am able to focus rather more on taking images. Although based in Surrey, my favourite places are coastal and hill scenes especially those of the west coast of Scotland. When time allows, I also enjoy trips to Southern Africa. In addition, I enjoy a project of finding trees with shapes which can be interpreted as something else. I enjoy printing the better images.


Larry Monczka

The excitement of discovery as I continue to explore the geography of home over the years and decades through the medium of photography sparks my creativity and enriches my life.


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Larry Monczka

Ice Ridge Formation - Long Point Beach


Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes. The north shore of Lake Erie is a half hour drive from my home, so I photograph on long point beach three or four times a week. This past winter, I made it a project to photograph the formation of large ice ridges along the shore of long point beach.

When temperatures plunge below freezing for a few weeks, the surface of the lake begins to thicken and floating ice particles form in the near shore waters. During winter gales, these pieces of ice are hurled against solid ice along the shore line and are flung up over ten feet into the air. As they fall, ice ridges are build up incrementally inch by inch until they are twenty feet or more in height. In a cold winter, these can extend out into the lake as far as the eye can see. But, once temperatures moderate, they are torn apart quickly by the same forces that form them, wind and water. Soon, the pebble strewn beach is dotted with crystal clear chunks of ice from the dissolved ridges. Warm temperatures make short work of them.

This series of images followed the formation and dissolution of these ridges over the recent winter, often on a day to day basis.



Nick Petrides

Life in Sinai

During my travels to Egypt in 2013 I experienced a day in the life of the Bedouins in their environment the Sinai Desert.

The Bedouin are an Arab seminomadic group, descended from nomads who have historically inhabited the Arabian and Syrian Deserts. Their name means "desert dwellers" in Arabic. Their territory stretches from the vast deserts of North Africa to the rocky sands of the Middle East.

These series of images show the environment of the Sinai Desert and how it feels to be in the Middle of nowhere, What an amazing experience this was.

London Based, 19 Years Old, “I use photography as a means of self-expression – I create my images for myself, to identify the hidden qualities of my character, to better understand my reality, and to express my interpretation of the world around me.”


William Dore

Winter in the Trossachs


I visit the Aberfoyle/Trossachs area regularly. Even though it is about a 90 minute drive from my home the opportunity to photograph such a classic Scottish landscape is too hard to resist, especially on misty or snowy days.

Images one and two were shot in December 15 on one of the first (and sadly only) real frosty weekend days of the winter. Temperature was around -5c at midday. Location was a short hop over the car park fence at Kinlochard.

The other two were taken in January 16. The forecast was for possible snow, and for once it was correct. My wife was a bit concerned when a blizzard started as I turned down to Stronachlachar. Around 2 inches fell in the next hour, ideal conditions! The island in the snow is in Loch Katrine, the other shot is of the fabulous Loch Chon.



Robert Hewitt

Wey Navigation at Dusk

Needing some fresh air after a day at work, I took a walk along the Wey Navigation towards sunset near the Anchor in Pyrford. I was hoping for a good sunset with pink and purple clouds but this was a night when the sun rather died but instead was rewarded with this golden light.

All the images were taken within a 100 yards and as well as the light, the scene was enlivened by a swan swimming very fast up stream.

There were many shots I could have included all featuring the monotones and reflections in the canal - it was all rather peaceful when often the area can be busy.



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