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Iceland – The Inspiration for the Book

Recording from the 2014 Meeting of Minds Conference

Hans Strand

Hans Strand

Hans Strand is an internationally recognised photographer who has received numerous awards for his work and published three books. He lives near Stockholm in Sweden.

I visited Iceland for the first time in 1995. One could easily say that I got the bug. Since then I have been there 20 times.I have crisscrossed the country by 4-wheel drive and spent some 75 hours in aeroplanes and helicopters shooting the landscape from above.

I have tried to interpret its wild landscape through my camera lens, looking for structures and compositions, which expresses my personal way of seeing, rather than to cover the most popular places for photography. The major body of my aerial work is of the abstract kind, where dimensions can be difficult to understand. That is also my intention. I want the viewers of my work to look more for compositions and geometry, rather than trying to understand what they are looking at.

Iceland - The Inspiration for the Book

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