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Archie MacFarlane, David Ball, Simon Rogers & Thomas Correa

Archie MacFarlane

I am a photographer/graphic designer/blogger originally from the Scottish Highlands but now living in Edinburgh. I work on commercial projects for the music industry but enjoy working on personal projects too. I regularly update my fotoblog with wide ranging photo essays.


David Ball

I'm a landscape photographer based in and around the UK, I finally found my passion for landscape work after doing various types of photography through my ten years of experience. My inspiration to become a photographer started at a young age when my granddad would inspire me with his camera on holidays. My passion is now with landscape work, some of which has been published in leading magazines including Digital Camera Magazine.


Simon Rogers


Thomas Correa

Thomas Correa was born in 1988. French & colombian, he lives and works between France and South America as photographer and videomaker. Graduated at Toulouse Art School (ISDAT) with honor of the jury, his documentary work use various forms and mediums like books, short-movies and photographic exhibitions, exploring the territory of Latin-America. The work Lomas de Ancon is part of the Urbano Latino project, a documentary and photographic auto-edited project about urbanism in Latin-America. He is actually co-directing a documentary movie about two petro-villages in ecuatorian Amazonia.


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Archie MacFarlane

The Road Home | Glimpses of moments gone before they arrive


Sometimes it's good to experiment, to throw away the rule book and try something different, visually, technically or otherwise.

A dark afternoon. Sitting in a car travelling northwards towards a darker night.

The A82/A87 trunk road makes up the majority of the drive home from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye. I must have driven it hundreds of times, mostly in the rain. Late December and the days have become short. In fact, the shortest is just around the corner. The weather at this time of year darkens the days further. Sunset is around 3.30pm. It's bleak out there but there's a certain beauty in it.

This time, I was a passenger. That is not often the case. Moments captured through the window of a car winding its way though the drizzly Scottish Highlands, eager to get home, to the island and Christmas. Forests, fences, a stone wall, moorland and heather. Often blurred and far from sharp. Nothing overly remarkable. Glimpses of moments almost gone before they arrive.



David Ball

Northeast Dunes In Monochrome


Being a huge fan of the Northeast and monochrome work I decided to put together a little set of images from a location down on a beach near North Shields.

This location was perfect for capturing long exposures and generating some lovely movement from the dunes which for me, adds something extra plus this is a great little spot for some great compositions and even more so that day with the moody clouds adding loads of extra stuff to the scene.



Simon Rogers

High Peaks


These photos were inspired by the magical quality of the landscape of the Peak District. I wanted to find a way to represent the visual experience of the landscape using a non-naturalistic and expressive approach. I’ve just started experimenting with double exposure adding contrast and clarity in post production to bring out the many intricate details that are present that otherwise go unnoticed.

In adopting an alternative approach to traditional landscape photography, I've attempted to show the effect the landscape has upon us before we process our environment with established notions of what we think of as real or beautiful. These photos aim to give the viewer a visceral, and dream-like representation of our surroundings as if from memory or dreams.



Thomas Correa

Panamericana Norte - Lomas de Ancon


I was working on an audiovisual project in the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima during eight months. I had the opportunity to visit a community of workers and builders of new spaces in the dunes of Ancón, one of the last neighbourhoods of the capital. Lima is the biggest city in the world built on a desert, so when you cross the topological frontiers of the city, after the barriadas (Peruvian townships usually constructed on the mounts of the city) the desert reappear. In the north of the Panamericana road which crosses the whole city is Lomas de Ancón, a part of the unused desert of Lima.

Some parts of this desert have been declared protected by the Ministry of Environment, other sides are still desertic unused spaces, to the property of State. There, various kind of constructions appeared on the both sides of the Panamericana Road. Some of them are legal and organised, other less and sometimes illegals. Because of poverty and insecurity, many families are trying to establish in unoccupied parts of the desert to escape from their barriadas. The one with other economical possibilities are investing in new home made houses and community projects. In both cases, those phenomena are a consequence of various socio-economics factors that took part in the isolation of the less fortunate, beyond the city’s borders.

Since the early 40’s Peru has been SouthAmerica’s country with the highest level of internal immigration. Most migrants are from the Andes and they travel with the hope of living a better life in the metropole.

Those communities of workers, craftsmen and family, are projecting their future in those unoccupied territories which may become in a few years an other urbanised neighbourhood of the city.




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