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Location Guide: Whitbarrow, Cumbria

Paul Moon

Paul Moon

Paul Moon is a landscape photographer from East Yorkshire and has spent 18 years documenting the Yorkshire Wolds - the UK's most northerly mainland chalk upland. It is known for its steep sided dry chalk dales which spread for miles throughout the area.


It’s a bit of a running gag in the photography community that I get a nose bleed whenever I leave the Yorkshire Wolds. I admit that I’m not the most adventurous landscape photographer in the country and rarely take a trip outside my local area solely for photography. I do however venture into other parts of the country on family holidays.

My camera kit always comes with me but I find that the lack of connection with distant areas makes it difficult for to get me excited. When I arrive at these destinations I do venture out with my camera as a way of soaking up the landscape and keeping my eye in but the results of my holiday snaps are often just record shots of my outings on these trips away.


This year has been no exception. A trip to North Devon in early June was wonderful. Lovely sunny days on sandy beaches, lots of early morning strolls with my camera and a few images that are reminders of the scenery and weather conditions. 

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