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Peter Stevens, Fabrizio Marocchini, David Haughton & David Cary

David Haughton

I’m an amateur photographer from Cornwall in the deep south west of the UK. I’ve lived here since my family moved from Kent back in the 70s, so almost all of my life, and now with my wife and children, we continue to enjoy Cornwall’s stunning coastline with its diversity of climate, light and landscape all year round.


David Cary

I am interested in monochrome ink based printmaking, carbon transfer, photopolymer gravure and inkjet. I work with both digital and large format film. Sometimes I pretend to take people on photography tours in Fiordland, New Zealand.


Fabrizio Marocchini

I am an ICT professional and for me photography is a passion. I love nature, I like hiking and explore it, from the mountains to the sea...all the elements! I love staying for hours waiting for the right light... with my camera, my tripod and my emotions...thinking of the composition and listening to the sound of the sea. Thanks in advance to all the people that will appreciate my work.


Peter Stevens

Peter has been interested in landscape photography for many years but this became a passion with the arrival of digital. After Peter retired from work, and with more time on his hands, he joined the local Photographic Society and also took a degree in Photography, which was definitely a ‘curate’s egg’ experience. He enjoys photographing in the UK and also further afield. Peter’s images can be seen at local art fairs and occasionally in national and international exhibitions. Peter is a recent Chairman of the Harpenden Photographic Society and also a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.


Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers, each consisting of four images related in some way. You can view previous 4x4 portfolios here.

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Peter Stevens

Ullswater Shoreline

Fabrizio Marocchini

Castelluccio in Flowers

David Haughton

A Deeper Rhythm

David Cary

Lake Te Anau floods & the Manuka trees


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