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Endframe: Gateway to the Moors II by Joe Cornish

Roger Voller chooses one of his favourite images

Roger Voller

Landscape photographer enthusiast based in Hampshire, England. I enjoy exploring my local areas and taking pictures for the love of it. There is always something around the corner.


When asked to choose my End Frame, Gateway to the Moors II rose to the forefront of my mind. Even though the exposure of great landscape pictures on social media and in the recent surge of photography books can be almost overwhelming to digest on a daily basis, I can still somehow remember the moment of engaging with this one in a quiet yet glowing contentment a few years ago. I don't really remember when and where precisely just the conscious engagement.

The reasoning for my selection brought to my attention of how we see and process all this visual stimulation before us. I don't often translate visual processes and emotions into words but it's certainly a practice I like to spend more time on. I remember Charlie Waite quoting once, the mind and eye are a great double act and perform a rapid scanning process before concluding, yes I quite like that.

We take in ingredients such as composition, light, tones, mood, depth, hue, juxtaposing, balance etc. But is there anything else in the process that makes a picture so engaging, what about the other end, the viewer. Each viewer has their own individual way of processing visual input with influences from experiences, memories and the people around us. Together the picture and the viewer are like a silent visual conversation.  

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