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Geoff Woods

Featured Photographer

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Geoff Woods

Australian born Geoff Woods has managed to combine carpentry with surfing and from the age of 30, photography. Inspired by the work of Peter Dombrovskis, the two subsequently became good friends. After working extensively with large format cameras, Geoff now uses a Nikon D800E with Zeiss lenses. His images have been published by Australian Geographic, The Wilderness Society, and the Australian Conservation Foundation among others


It’s always interesting to look at what images others favourite, and it was through this route that I came to Geoff Woods’ images on Flickr. Unusually for these times, I could find out very little about him online, though I remembered him coming into the conversation about a recent End Frame, and having been mentioned by a couple of our previous interviewees. There was clearly only one solution – to ask Geoff to be our Featured Photographer.

Can you tell readers a little about yourself – your education, early interests and career?

I grew up on a wheat and sheep farm for the first 12 years of my life, which my parents then sold and we moved to Sydney where I finished my education. Leaving school I became a Carpenter (and have been doing this for nearly 50 years now). At the same time I took up surfing and was an A Grade surfer by the time I was 25; I kept surfing until I was in my mid 40s.

How and when did you first become interested in photography? What kind of images did you initially set out to make and has this changed over time?

I became interested in photography at the age of 30 years; I thought I needed something of interest besides surfing. So I bought my first camera, which was a Canon T50, and quickly found out that it was a fully automatic camera which restricted what I could do with it so I upgraded to a Canon AE1 Program. In those days I took pictures of anything I laid my eyes on, I had no real direction. 

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  • Sean Lewis

    Very inspiring article Geoff, nice to see how you process all those stunning images and the inspiration behind them. Look forward to seeing your New Zealand pictures.

  • Geoff Kell

    Great to see you represented here Geoff – well deserved – you have some superb images that are truly inspirational. For me, the influence of Peter Dombrovskis shines through. I hope you find some inspiration in your new surroundings or future travels, it would be wonderful to see some new work.

  • Joe Rainbow

    Wonderful to see your work here Geoff, and to hear your story. You are very humble about the quality and influence of your own work, which I find extremely inspiring, and know many others do to. You have such an obvious respect for the natural environment and it raditaes through your photographs. A great legacy. Best wishes for the new house, hope it works out. Oh and the volcano!

  • Geoff Woods

    Thanks so much for all your kind words and giving me so much support on my Flickr journey to the three of you, I want you to know that it’s always very much appreciated, and comments like these make it all worthwhile….And I just want to thank all the staff here for thinking enough of my work to display it on this fine site…Thank you so much to you all.

  • Paul Moon

    Great to see you get some recognition from OnLandscape Geoff. As a recent discoverer of you Flickr stream I too am looking forward to seeing some new work and it’s nice to know a bit more about your background and your acquaintance with Peter, and Chris too. It’s great to know that someone is carrying on Peter’s legacy with the strong tradition of landscape photography in Tasmania, a wonderful place full of stunning locations and subject matter. Keep it up and keep safe!

    • Geoff Woods

      Thanks Paul, talking to Chris today. He’s just got back from Western Australia photographing the wild flowers. They have a fantastic display over there. I’m yet to see them..

  • Thomas Fleckenstein

    Nice to see that you are back Geoff. Fantastic work as always. Cheers from Iceland.

    • Geoff Woods

      Thanks Thomas. It’s nice to hear from you, hope your well..

  • Adrian Tilbrook

    Great to see you featured here in On Landscape Geoff. Also interesting to read about your life in more detail than we get to hear about you on Flickr. Been following you for some time and your images are a real inspiration.


    • Geoff Woods

      Thanks so much Adrian. Thanks for all your support..

  • Pete Hyde

    Very good to see you as featured photographer Geoff. An interesting read and some wonderful images …. really pleased you included the shot of the deciduous beech. As you know I have been enjoying your work for a while and its good to see you share it with the On Landscape community.

    • Geoff Woods

      Thanks so much Pete I enjoy your work as well. I find it very inspiring to say the least…

  • Annette Dahl

    Hello Geoff. So good to see you as featured photographer here. Also very interesting to read a bit of your biography. Such a talented artist and still so modest. Your work clearly shows the love you have for the nature and the landscape. I also like your intuitive approach to photography and post-processing. You are a major source of inspiration to me ever since I found you on flickr. Wish you all the best and hope you are treated to some well deserved holiday, from where you will surely bring back many more masterpieces.
    By the way, do you sell prints? I am interested to buy your work. Cheers, Annette

    • Geoff Woods

      Hello Annette, or I might give you a big Aussie G’Day. Thank you so much for all your wonderful words, very humbling, I think you are a fine photographer as well..I do sell prints I’m sure a friend of mine can print them for me as I don’t have a printer at the moment. I’m sure we can sort some thing out..

  • Adam Pierzchala

    And a belated big thumbs-up from another of your many Flickr fans! Its great to see you featured here Geoff and learn more about the background to your work; it is always fascinating to see, analyse and learn from your images. Best of luck at your new location and like many others I await new images from you – no pressure…!

    • Geoff Woods

      Thanks so much Adam, I’m a fan of your work also. Hope your well…

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