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End Frame: Hans Strand, Late Autumn mist, Lake Trekanten, Sweden, November 2009

Lars-Åke Nygren chooses one of his favourite images

Lars-Ake Nygren

I am a amateur photographer, living close to Stockholm. Very soon will I be retired from my profession as IT consultant and then I will be a amateur landscape photographer on full time. Inspired of untouched nature must water, forrest and mountain - but also urban photo particularly old part of Stockholm.


Today we are totally flooded with photos from all over the world and from the most iconic places. Splendour sunsets and sunrises. Dramatic sky with amazing cloud formations. We can rather easily travel to the middle of nowhere - places like Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica, Norwegian fjords, deserts in America. 
Almost all of our globes magnificent places are reachable for almost all of us.

It is great to follow other photographers when they show wonderful photos from all those exotic places - but sometimes a saturation occurs. I can get blasé by all those lovely sunsets in so many colour combinations  - mountains dressed in snow and mysterious fog.

Surely you many times get excited and you just love to travel - get away from your daily grey boring life - get a chance to meet the adventure with your best friend, the camera.  To get a chance to take just that perfect picture.

But sometimes I think for myself - can it be that granted all those trips we missed what we have here at home. In Swedish we call it ”home blind” - we just think that here in my boring backyard you never will find anything beautiful or any unique motives. And do you really think you will be able to catch a scene just a 100 meters from your motorway, where you each day travel home and to work.

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