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Exploring the Suffolk Coastline

Lots of potential & yet strangely neglected

David Cole

I’m an amateur photographer who enjoys landscapes, but living in Hertfordshire means I have travel to get the sort of images that interest me. This usually means The Lakes and Scotland. Getting my LRPS just recently has encouraged me to try and publish more of my images.


Alan Ranger

I am a full-time photography educator. Running workshops, courses and supporting individuals in their pursuit of their love of photography at all levels.


David Cole

Living in Hertfordshire, finding the sort of landscape photography locations I enjoy usually means travelling long distances to the Lakes or Scotland. Nearer to home, the Suffolk coast is an area I’ve made short visits to in the past, and I decided I would spend a few days there in February. This area seems to be very much ‘under the radar’ for landscape photography, unlike the somewhat further away from North Norfolk coast and Norfolk Broads.

David Cole - Suffolk landscape photography 1

Why this should be I’m not sure, as I have often felt there is great potential in the Suffolk coastline, with its constant erosion by the North Sea, as well as the inlets, creeks and harbours. Some spots, such as Southwold pier and the nearby beach huts, are frequently photographed – I remember a few years ago seeing in the cabin of British Airways aircraft photos of Southwold beach huts, perhaps displayed as some sort of quintessentially English representation. But travel a few miles away from the well-known Southwold pier or Aldeburgh beach in February and not a photographer is to be seen.

Walberswick, only a short distance from Southwold, has enough wooden jetties and boats to keep a photographer occupied for some time, especially at low tide when the boats, mud and dark glowering skies can be seen together. For those who like details, these are in abundance – mooring ropes, rusty posts, and close-ups of muddy channels winding down towards the river Blyth.

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