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Viewpoint Editor’s Letter editor@onlandscape.co.uk
Tim Parkin

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been out and about in Scotland accompanying a range of outdoor folk and taking part in a few training days. The main one was an outdoor first aid course that a friend had recommended for me. It’s not something I had thought about that often but as a photographer and walker spending a lot of time a fair distance from the nearest road and often without phone cover, the ability to deal with emergencies, of the minor or major sort, is probably a “good idea”. And so I got chatting with the people involved with the sorts of injuries they deal with when they are out in the hills and the answers made me realise a few simple steps could make one very useful. Firstly, as photographers, we’re pretty useless in terms of looking after ourselves. Given the choice between a litre of water or tele zoom lens, I know what most people go for. And a bit of spare clothing? Pah! So to know that dehydration and hypothermia are two of the most common causes of accidents (usually prompting bad decisions and poor coordination). Also, non-diabetic hypoglycemia can really mess up your day out. So, an extra layer, some water and sweet stuff and you’ve helped yourself loads. Beyond that, heart attacks & strokes are very common so keeping up to date with CPR techniques can really save lives (a mountain leader friend has seen many people treated on Ben Nevis). Most people get away without ever getting in trouble in the hills but why risk it? My outdoor first aid course cost under £100 and I hope to bring you a few pointers in an article in a future issue. My main advice though? Always carry some extra suncream and water if you want a happy day out over the summer! (oh and a load of “Smidge”, a teuchter’s best friend!)

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Tim Parkin

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been out and about in Scotland accompanying a range of outdoor folk and taking part in a few training days. more

Hans Strand, Late Autumn mist, Lake Trekanten, Sweden, November 2009

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