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Thomas Joshua Cooper Books Available

Exclusive signed & out of print books

Neil McIlwraith

Neil McIlwraith opened Beyond Words, the specialist photographic bookshop, in Edinburgh in 1998. Since 2010, he has been running beyondwords.co.uk as an online-only business. He is allowed out every two years to run the bookstall at the On Landscape conference. He lives in North Berwick, East Lothian.


We're big fans of Thomas Joshua Cooper here at On Landscape, both personally and for his photography, so it's with great pleasure that we hear he's finally finished his lifelong Atlas project and has a book to go with it. Neil McIlwraith from Beyond Words has a few signed copies left as well as unsigned copies. Here are the details that Neil has sent us ...

Those of you who heard Thomas Joshua Cooper’s talk at the On Landscape 2018 conference may be interested to know that the work he focused on then is now available in a beautifully printed 200-page book.

The World’s Edge is the most significant collection of Thomas’s work yet published. Its 192 images give an overview of Cooper’s career while centring on his Atlas project, in which he charts the extremities of the Atlantic Basin.

These photographs reveal the seascapes and coastlines of the five continents that encircle the Atlantic Ocean. We have a few signed copies left. Unsigned copies are also available.

Thomas published another new title earlier this year. Refuge features twenty images that he made on the East End of Long Island and Shelter Island in 2016, juxtaposed with earlier works depicting sites along the Hudson River, Cape Cod, and Maine.

As always, they were exclusively created with Cooper’s 1898 AGFA field camera. Again signed copies are available.

We have also been very fortunate that Thomas has made available to us signed, mint condition copies of his early classic, Dreaming the Gokstadt. This 1988 volume – long out of print – was inspired by a 1000 year old Viking ship salvaged from a bog in the village of Gokstadt, Norway. Subtitled ‘Northern Lands and Islands’, it principally features images from Scotland, Ireland and Iceland.

Finally we have a few mint-condition signed copies of Thomas’s Shoshone Falls with photographs of and around the famous falls sitting alongside some of Timothy O’Sullivan’s images of the same location taken in 1868 and 1874, which inspired Thomas to revisit the location.

When I visited Thomas in Glasgow for his signing of The World’s Edge, it was clear that he was as busy as ever with new projects. There are plans for a major exhibition in Scotland and as many as seven book projects!

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