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Meaning, C19 and the Voice Within Our Landscapes

Re-evaluating our approach

Alex Hare

Alex Hare

During an education in photojournalism, Alex discovered landscape photography but was side-tracked into the legal profession via a stint in the Marines. He never dropped photography though and during this time Alex honed his skills, earned his first agency contracts and won awards for his landscape photography. Alex finally found a career in photography however and is now supplying clients with his landscape images, teaching photography to Undergraduate students and has been running workshops for nearly twenty years.


The Earth is talking
Go & listen…
…the voices from storms have been talking for millennia.

From ‘Earthwords’, a poem by Alisa Golden.

Each of us, through our uniquely individual landscape photography, offer our viewers a window into the soul of the earth and the messages it has for us about ourselves and our wider world.

Finding how we can best articulate what we want to say through our landscape work isn’t easy though because it makes us ask ourselves tricky questions; ‘why am I photographing this? What is it saying and what does it mean to me and the viewer?’

I believe this is a line of enquiry well worth the effort though. For it helps us consider how we might express something on any number of ideas, subjects, themes or concepts through our landscape photography.

The Lake District is where I enjoy exploring themes of the sublime and picturesque as I follow in the footsteps of both paint and photo heroes of mine. It’s life affirming and exhilarating to enjoy this scenery and my work embodies this thrill and personal pleasure. What it means to someone else is for them to decide.

After all, once we’ve figured out how to use a big stopper, how to compose well or mastered techniques like ICM or multiple exposures, the challenge for landscape photographers is to find and communicate something meaningful through our work.

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