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End Frame: ‘Hrafntinnusker Fog Ice River’ by Bruce Percy

Nick Browne chooses one of his favourite images

Nick Browne

I am an amateur photographer living in Worcestershire, UK. A few years ago a friend encouraged me to go along to our local camera club where I have been a member ever since. I now find that most of my photography is divided between close up and still life, and landscape. In the future I would like to find more ways to combine these genres.


I missed the 2016 Meeting of Minds Conference so I have only been able to watch Bruce Percy’s talk on YouTube. I had stumbled upon his work on-line, possibly following up on the many mentions he gets from other photographers in On Landscape and became an instant fan.

There are very few of Bruce’s images that I do not get a lot of pleasure from, not to mention the learning and inspiration they provide. He clearly takes great care in setting up his photographs in the field but, as he says, he does not like the term ‘post processing’ but sees the darkroom, digital or otherwise, as just another element of the image making process. His care and skill in subtly managing and manipulating the range of tones and colours in an image make a huge contribution to the success of his pictures. As does the way he guides the viewer’s eye around an image with curves and diagonals. I find myself increasingly interested in the design of images and the way their visual elements, in terms of shapes, colours and tones interact to affect the viewer’s experience and perhaps this is why I find his work so compelling.

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