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The Perimeter

Walking the Coast of Mainland Britain

Quintin Lake

British Architectural and Landscape Photographer, I originally trained as an architect and my interest in geometry informs all my photographic work.


Quintin Lake has featured in a couple of articles about his adventures in "From Greenland to the Sahara" and a walking project on the Thames Waters in previous On Landscape issues and at the time he replied to a comment from one of our subscribers saying "it's actually reminded me how much I want to continue the journey". At the time, I'm not sure he thought 'continuing the journey' meant walking around the whole of the coastline of Britain though! We nearly caught up with Quintin as he passed by us on the way to Ardnamurchan but ultimately it's taken until now, just after the journey finished, for us to finally chat. We talked online about a selection of his images and how he ended up on this gigantic journey.





If you enjoyed watching this video, we've picked some extra photos from his Perimeter library below.

Extra Images

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