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Gary Tucker, Nils Leonhardt, Peter Reid & Phil Pither

Gary Tucker

I am a retired university teacher turned landscape photographer from New Brunswick, Canada. Most of my photos are local, featuring the marshes, streams, mudflats, forests, and waterfowl refuges of the Tantramar region atop the Bay of Fundy.


Nils Leonhardt

Life is a collection of moments. And a photographer is the agent who has the power to capture these situations. In the second he portrays the light the moment is already gone. The mechanism and indeed art of photography aims to interrupt the constant progress of change that is life in order to create long-lasting memories. It always involves subjective judgement about the situation at hand. I am simply an ordinary photographer who is in love with natural light.


Peter Reid

My home is in southern France, between the mountains and the sea. I like the wonderful light here, and gathering and sharing impressions of the hills and coastline, the changing seasons, and traditions and events in this region.


Phil Pither

For more recent work I have struggled to find subjects that appeal to me in Hong Kong even after living here for 20+ years. So my wife and I have, up to now, travelled a lot while I continue to search for subjects closer to home.


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Gary Tucker

Tantramar – Marsh and Mud Flat

Gary Tucker 4x4

Nils Leonhardt

The Challenge of Habitat

Nils Leonhardt 4x4

Peter Reid

Confinement 2020

Peter Reid 4x4

Phil Pither

Rocks, Trees

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