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End frame: South Stack Lighthouse, Holy Island, Anglesey 1978, Denis Thorpe

Kevin Bonnett chooses one of his favourite images

Kevin Bonnett

Kevin Bonnett

Kevin Bonnett lives in Sheffield but aims to be a camera-toting hobo in his camper van. Being a retired social scientist means he is drawn to mainstream humanistic and modernist traditions in photography, but he’s also afflicted with that nagging desire for self-expression and that itch to create images with ambiguity and intrigue. Just sometimes, he manages to scratch that itch successfully.


Still photographing in his late eighties from his home in Stockport, England, Denis Thorpe’s landscape images demonstrate the power that derives from locating them within the context of a broad range of other photographic genres.

In a sense, Thorpe had no choice as an all-round photojournalist employed for decades in Manchester by the Guardian newspaper, but from the beginning, he combined a modernist aesthetic from the likes of Bill Brandt with the humanist engagement of Cartier-Bresson or Picture Post’s Bert Hardy.

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