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Peter Roworth, John Dominick, Mark Burley, Karin De Winter and Jo Van Rossem

Peter Roworth

Peter Roworth

My photography is project-driven and is now mostly digital, but I still dabble in film, using a Hasselblad Xpan ll. I like to think 'outside the box' so the subject of the photographs in this portfolio is not immediately obvious; I leave the viewer to look into each image and let their imagination wander.

John Dominick Sq

John Dominick

A long association with photography means that I often reach for a camera as my preferred means of expression. Having felt that many of those attempts seemed to lack something I’ve concluded that I value the experience over the creative result. Although I wonder if I use this as an excuse for my, sometimes, questionable output. Photography continues to teach me to see the world in a more fulfilling and deeper way. It is a tool of creative expression that has led to many adventures, opportunities and friendships, as well as more than a few frustrations.


Mark Burley

Mark Burley

I currently live in Ashburton, on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon. My studio is based at the Sherewood Photography Gallery, Ashburton.

I prefer to shoot landscapes but also enjoy making images on the street and taking shots of musicians performing live. Having moved to Dartmoor five years ago, I really enjoy shooting on both high and low moors together with the river Dart and its tributaries.


Karin & Jo Van Rossem De Winter

Karin De Winter & Jo Van Rossem

We, Karin De Winter and Jo Van Rossem are a husband and wife photographers team, based in Belgium. We come from different professional worlds, namely healthcare and architecture, and decided to make a career switch three years ago. While we have a broad interest in nature and cultural photography, our latest work is focused on intimate landscape photography. We love to seek out locations with special geological features, coasts, deserts, or polar regions to create photography art at a crosspoint with abstract art.

Welcome to our 4x4 feature which is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted by our subscribers. Each portfolio consists of four images related in some way.

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Peter Roworth


Peter Roworth 4x4

John Dominick

Ripples in Time, Harlech Beach

John Dominick 4x4

Mark Burley

Celebration of Spring on the River Dart

Mark Burley 4x4

Karin De Winter and Jo Van Rossem

Crazy River

Mixed Up World

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