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A Sea of Wonder

Warm light of sunset

Eric Bennett

Eric Bennett

As a full-time nature photographer, author, and conservationist, I hope to share the value that wilderness has in its pure, unaltered state. In a world where we are disconnecting from nature more and more every day, I can’t think of another pursuit more worthy of my time and energy. I believe that if I can capture a scene in the right way, my photographs will inspire others to protect the last few wild places we still have left.

I currently live just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife and three children. While much of my photography is focused on the incredible scenery near my home, I have traveled to over thirty countries to capture the diverse and remarkable beauty of all different environments.


An infinite scene stretches out before me; an open view of the horizon, where the glistening Pacific Ocean meets a clear, blue summer sky, only interrupted by the large, dark shapes of a few jagged sea stacks and the backlit spray of waves crashing against them. I'm comfortably lying back on my towel, slightly propped up on my elbows, digging my toes into the fine, black, sparkling sand while enjoying a cold beer with my wife.

A few surfers are riding in on the small waves before jumping off and paddling out again. People are walking up and down the beach, holding their flip flops in their hands, smiles on their faces. But it doesn’t feel crowded–there is plenty of space for all of us on this long, uninterrupted stretch of coastline. Looking out at the open, endless ocean, as all other sound is drowned out by the low vibration of crashing waves, we can all find a sense of solitude. Even though I’m thousands of miles from home, I’m reminded of my childhood, spending entire days at the beach with my friends. I’m certain that on a day like today, we couldn’t have picked a better place to be.

Once the sun sinks a little closer to the horizon, my wife and I decide to go for a walk. I take one last big sip to finish our drink. Although it’s no longer cold, I still savour every bit of it, swishing it around in my mouth a little to absorb as much flavour as possible before letting it pour down my throat. We leisurely make our way down towards the shore and walk along the beach, splashing our feet in the cool water. Looking for some relief from the sun, we head for a large area of shade behind a massive sea stack. A long puddle of seawater, left over from the high tide, is slowly draining out towards the ocean, leaving behind smooth and intricate patterns. From a certain angle, I notice the clear blue sky is reflecting on the surface of the shallow water, adding a beautiful cool tone to the small, subtle scene.

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