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End frame: Light Show by Sandra Bartocha

Fabrizio Marocchini chooses one of his favourite images

Fabrizio Marocchini

I am an ICT professional and for me photography is a passion. I love nature, I like hiking and explore it, from the mountains to the sea...all the elements! I love staying for hours waiting for the right light... with my camera, my tripod and my emotions...thinking of the composition and listening to the sound of the sea. Thanks in advance to all the people that will appreciate my work.


Art is the ability to generate sensations and go straight to the depths, touching the right chord. There is no logic or rationality in finding oneself akin to a particular song, a painting or a photograph that becomes special for us.

I am a nature landscape photographer and for me photography has always been a magic eye through which seeing reality in a different way. And, inevitably, the way I look into the lens over the years has followed my intimate and personal development, mirroring my moods and my inner growth.

For months, after the pandemic, I have not been able to photograph as I would like. I was closed in everyday loops, overcome by intense and sometimes claustrophobic fears. It was a though period, which marked us, leaving the concern of living normal relationships with the people and made us lose our self-confidence.

I know there could have been moments of standstill like these during life and I also know that we must get the most of them and begin again.

And I did realise there is not the perfect shot, there is the perfect light. The light within us.

I was asked to write an end frame on one of my favourite photographs for On Landscape; and, almost without thinking, I chose Sandra Bartocha's "Light Show”. It represents for me the simple beauty, the one that bursts into life always and despite everything.

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