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Bartocha Svalbard End Frame

End frame: Advendalen by Sandra Bartocha

The ethereal lighting illuminating the mountainside is what immediately draws the viewer into the landscape. This low sunlight radiates a warmth that perfectly complements the cold blues of the arctic tundra. more


End frame: Light Show by Sandra Bartocha

This photograph has the perfect light and expresses it in a clean, direct, simple, and tremendously special way, striking the soul. It doesn't matter if it's the first ray of sunshine of the dawn or the last of the evening. more

The Lightness Of Being

Astrid Preisz

Nothing in this world is the same twice, and I began to realise that my images could be what they needed to be, and that they followed who I was at a particular moment in a particular place and time. Inwardly, I stopped more and more calling myself a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or even a photographer or an artist. more


Project Based Working

A photo story also falls under photo projects, but a photo project does not always result in a photo story. You can also have a photo project with no real storyline or a story that is too limited to count as 'storytelling'. more

Cow-parsley - Fluitenkruid - NelTalen

End frame: Fluitenkruid – Nel Talen

I first encountered Nel’s work through the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. She was a finalist in the creative category with a very delicate, ethereal composition that immediately resonated with me. more


End frame: Tree Vision by Sandra Bartocha

I can remember this image stopped me in my tracks. It is taken from a series produced by Sandra and is also an image that is evidently an abstraction from reality. more


Intimate abstractions

While I still enjoy taking shots of grand vistas in dramatic lighting conditions my recent work has tended towards more intimate details of the landscape. more


“Shaped by the Sea” Book Review

The project can be summarised as covering the tidal zone of Europe’s Western coastline. Theo humbly says “It was never my intention to cover Europe’s entire Atlantic coast” as if this was perhaps a passing thought, discarded at the last minute. more


Endframe: The magical forest by Sandra Bartocha

I don’t remember the large landscapes when I’ve been out. In those moments of tranquillity, it’s the small elements I remember - the light dancing through the leaves on the trees or the frost glistening on the grass in the sunrise. more


Claudia Muller

Through Flickr I have been enjoying the work of several German photographers who give tempting glimpses of a countryside dominated by forests, lakes, woodlands and meadows and a quieter style of ‘landscape’ photography.  more

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