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Kristel Schneider is a full-time photographer with a passion for art and nature. Her work explores the patterns, textures, lights, and colours of nature. She is an intuitive artist with an eye for detail; she aims at creating intimate compositions to evoke a certain feeling in the viewer through her personal use of natural light, her choice of weather elements and the rhythm of nature. Photography is more than just a passion, for her it is a way of creative living and the best way to express herself.

She grew up in the Netherlands and lived a big part of her adult life in Amsterdam. She studied human resources management and communication and had worked as a communication consultant for a pharmaceutical company before she decided to move to Auvergne, France, in 2007 to become a full-time photographer. Since 2009 she has worked as a full-time photographer and has carried out several private commissions and photo assignments. Her work can be found in various publications, magazines, and books. She is regularly invited to present her work at photo festivals throughout Europe. She published her first book, Variations in Trees, in December 2017. And in October 2023 she released her 2nd book RIVERSCAPE.

Kristel Schneider

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