About Rocco Calogero

Class '81, born and raised in Calabria, deep south of Italy, at the foot of the Aspromonte mountain range, a very narrow land where the high peeks plenty of forests, rivers, waterfalls meet the beautiful sea. After years of university, I moved abroad, England - London, where I spent about 8 years of my life. In 2009 we decide with a friend to embark on a long trip to South America, a bit to escape the stress of the big city, a bit to, "maybe", to find ourselves. As far as I'm concerned, this trip has totally changed my life and how to see things. From here the passion for photography was born. Back to my beloved land, this together with a strong love for nature has pushed me to engage more and more in this beautiful art.

I devote most of my free time to the mountain, the trees and the woods, the main subjects of my photography. They succeed in transmitting me positive energy !! I love the smell of wood, earth and wet grass, moss and mushrooms; In the woods, our conception of time ceases to exist, emotions and sensations adapt to the rhythms beaten by nature.


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