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Lockdown Podcast #8

A short podcast this time as a few of you groaned at the amount of time you had to listen to us waffle for so this issue it’s a thirty-minute dip into three topics. Continue reading → more


Eadweard Muybridge and the River of Shadows

This issue we have another instalment in our Lockdown book club, although I suppose we have to come up with a new name for it as we’re mostly out of lockdown now. Anyways, this issue David Ward and I will be looking at a book about the life and era of American photographer, Edweard Muybridge by Rebecca Solnit. Continue reading → more

David Ward & Joe Cornish landscape photography books

Lockdown Podcast #7

This issues podcast’s topic is books and specifically, Joe and David’s experiences making their first ones. Continue reading → more


Joe Cornish and Tim Parkin discuss Robert Adams and Beauty

The concept of ‘beauty’ often seems to be a dirty word to those photographers from a ‘contemporary/academic’ background. The use of beauty is considered too bright a light to be seen direct for fear you go blind to the meaning behind a work. Continue reading → more


Lockdown Podcast #6

Another instalment of the lockdown podcast where Tim Parkin, Joe Cornish and David Ward discuss a few questions around photography including “How is the easing of lockdown affecting you?”, “How do you make the most of a photography workshop?” .. Continue reading → more


Lockdown Podcast #5

Joe Cornish, Tim Parkin and David Ward talk about learning and teaching composition Continue reading → more


Lockdown Podcast #4

Finishing off the reader submitted questions and a reminder of the lockdown photo challenge Continue reading → more


Lockdown Podcast #3

We are looking at having a mini ‘in your house’ photography challenge. All three of us are going to give this a  go and we invite anybody else who wishes to take part to submit some work. Continue reading → more


Lockdown Podcast #2

What we really want to do is to continue having these conversations but make things more interactive with our audience. So if you have any questions you’d like to address to Joe or David (or myself). Continue reading → more


Lockdown Podcast #1



Passing Through – Mark Banks

Back in January, Mark was in between two workshops he as running based in Kentallen. This village is on the coastal road from Ballachulish to Oban and approximately 25 minutes from Glencoe. Tim and Mark met at the Joe Cornish more


Passing Through – David Speight

David Speight joined us to chat about his photography whilst he was staying just around the corner at the bottom of Glencoe.  Continue reading → more


Roundtable Discussion on the Environment for Landscape Photographers

On our 200th issue, we decided to have a special Passing Through podcast. David Ward and Joe Cornish are running a workshop in the area and Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson are in Scotland. We decided to invite them to a roundtable discussion on what we as landscape photographers can do to help protect the environment and mitigate climate change. Continue reading → more


Passing Through – Margaret Soraya

In this podcast, Margaret talks about her exhibition and what she finds in the quietness and solitude of the islands that keeps pulling her back. Continue reading → more


Passing Through Podcast – Al Simmons from Teamwork

A couple of weeks ago, Al Simmons from Teamwork came to visit to demonstrate the latest camera system from Phase One, the Phase IQ4 150 and also the new technical camera solution, the Phase XT and it’s range of 23mm, 32mm and 70mm electronic shuttered Rodenstock lenses. Continue reading → more

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