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Any Questions Episode 2

Any Questions, with special guest Lizzie Shepherd

The premise of our podcast is based loosely around Radio Four's "Any Questions", Joe Cornish and I (Tim Parkin) invite a special guest onto each show and solicit questions from our subscribers. Our first podcast featured Alex Nail where we discussed his mountain photography, colour management and much more. You can see the first podcast here but we're also making the podcasts publicly available on most streaming platforms. You can find out more at this public link. Our next more

Any Questions

Any Questions, with special guest Alex Nail

Our first podcast features Alex Nail, and we've had questions about his new book, mountain photography, colour management and much more more


Lockdown Podcast #12

The weather is a continual topic of conversation for many living in the British Isles, and for landscape photographers, it becomes something of an obsession. Trying to predict the perfect combination of factors that will give a cloud inversion or a misty woodland or a stunning sunset can be utterly frustrating. more


Lockdown Podcast #11

After featuring two articles on tripods recently, a review of travel tripods and a short overview of tripod spikes, I thought a general chat with Joe and David about their own experiences with tripods would make interesting listening more


Lockdown Podcast #10

Just before the New Year, Joe David and I recorded a podcast on the concept of "Truth to Nature". It's an idea that has its seeds in the romantic era of landscape painting when John Ruskin, a massively influential art critic and artist of the time, encouraged painters to closely observe the landscape and in doing so capture the natural world as truthfully as possible. The idea then has its echoes in an essay "A Plea for Straight Photography" more


Lockdown Podcast #9

We return to the Lockdown Podcasts and in this instalment, Joe Cornish, David Ward and I discuss 'field practice'. By this I mean the way in which we go about finding images, what motivates us to go on a walk, what triggers our interest in a scene and how do we facilitate composing. more


Lockdown Podcast #8

A short podcast this time as a few of you groaned at the amount of time you had to listen to us waffle for so this issue it's a thirty-minute dip into three topics. more


Eadweard Muybridge and the River of Shadows

This issue we have another instalment in our Lockdown book club, although I suppose we have to come up with a new name for it as we’re mostly out of lockdown now. Anyways, this issue David Ward and I will be looking at a book about the life and era of American photographer, Edweard Muybridge by Rebecca Solnit. more

David Ward & Joe Cornish landscape photography books

Lockdown Podcast #7

This issues podcast's topic is books and specifically, Joe and David's experiences making their first ones. more


Joe Cornish and Tim Parkin discuss Robert Adams and Beauty

The concept of ‘beauty’ often seems to be a dirty word to those photographers from a ‘contemporary/academic’ background. The use of beauty is considered too bright a light to be seen direct for fear you go blind to the meaning behind a work. more


Lockdown Podcast #6

Another instalment of the lockdown podcast where Tim Parkin, Joe Cornish and David Ward discuss a few questions around photography including "How is the easing of lockdown affecting you?", "How do you make the most of a photography workshop?" .. more


Lockdown Podcast #5

Joe Cornish, Tim Parkin and David Ward talk about learning and teaching composition more


Lockdown Podcast #4

Finishing off the reader submitted questions and a reminder of the lockdown photo challenge more


Lockdown Podcast #3

We are looking at having a mini 'in your house' photography challenge. All three of us are going to give this a  go and we invite anybody else who wishes to take part to submit some work. more


Lockdown Podcast #2

What we really want to do is to continue having these conversations but make things more interactive with our audience. So if you have any questions you’d like to address to Joe or David (or myself). more

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