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10 Stop ND Filter Test

Interest in very long exposure photography isn’t new. In fact, it was originally the only way to take photographs as the materials used in early photography were so insensitive to light. It is only really in the 20th Century that more


Sony A7RII – Wrap Up

The Canon 5DSr and the Sony A7Rii offer the highest resolution and some of the highest sensitivity at high resolution available and it would be remiss not to compare and contrast them. Continue reading → more


Sony A7Rii

You can see here that when you expose a difficult subject the Canon actually looks pretty good and very close to the Sony. Continue reading → more


Sony A7Rii compared with Sony A7R & Canon 5DSr

Our test involved exposing a picture so that the brightest parts are exposed to the right and then underexposing a shot by 6 stops. Continue reading → more


Testing the Canon 5DS(r)

Ever since the Canon 5D Mark III was released, photographers have been crying out for more resolution. Continue reading → more


Sigma 35mm Art

One of the things I was wary of when starting On Landscape was including too many reviews. There are so many reviews out there already that adding a few more ‘yeah this looks quite good, 92%’ posts wouldn’t really contribute more


Lightweight Landscapes

Lightweight Landscapes – how camera choice can inspire creativity The second sentence of this article is the most important. I use a digital compact camera for all my landscape photography. You may or may not be surprised, but I find more


Choosing a new Camera System

At the end of last year I realised I could really do with upgrading my digital camera. This was prompted by a couple of things. The first was the fact that my current camera is heavy and combined with a more


Manfrotto XPRO-3WG

Balls or Gears? If you’re asking about tripod heads this is the main question. There are those of us who prefer the freedom, weight savings and holding power that ballheads can bring or the control and fine tuning that geared more


The 5DS and 5DSR

The recent announcement of the 5DS and the 5DSR have caused quite a kerfuffle, as is to be expected. What is quite surprising though is the number of people either writing the camera off, or announcing it to be the more


36 Megapixels vs 6×7 Velvia

Over a year ago now we carried out various tests of medium format digital camera systems and film camera systems. The results, whilst interesting, didn’t tell us a whole lot about 35mm digital camera systems. Continue reading → more


Pentax 645z

(This is not a technical review – that has already been done brilliantly elsewhere (here, here and here) This article is I hope the start of a rolling users review of the camera – from a landscape photographers perspective. No walls will be harmed more


What sort of camera is the Sony A7r?

From the outset let me explain that this is not a conventional camera review. If that is what you are seeking then returning to the usual suspects (DP Review et al) will give satisfaction. This is unashamedly a partial, personal more


Looking Backward to See Forward – Pentax 645D Re-evaluated

The Pentax 645D is a camera that sort of slid quietly onto the photographic stage, metaphorically speaking. First announced as a concept, there were numerous delays before it appeared in 2010 and then it didn’t really grab any headlines. Had more


Linhof 3D Tripod Head Review

I have now had a Linhof 3D Micro tripod head for over two years. I had used the Manfrotto geared heads 410 and 405 for at least a decade before this, but had become frustrated with their vulnerability to minor more

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