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Why I love my iPhone for landscape photography

So why I must give it up

Paul Arthur

Paul Arthur

Paul is a commercial architectural photographer in Birmingham and sometimes dabbles in a little landscape photography when he is allowed out!

I think that the French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) would approve of the iPhone in the making of art. Dubuffet eschewed traditional aesthetics in favour of what eventually became known as art brut, or outsider art. He sought out art created outside the traditional art scene, free from the pretentions of academic art and painting. He scoured mental institutions and prisons for art that was ‘not the mere gratification of a handful of specialists, but rather the man in the street when he comes home from work… it is the man in the street whom I feel closest to, with whom I want to make friends and enter into confidence, and he is the one I want to please and enchant by means of my work.’


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