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Bottom Moor

Jason talks about his photographic project on his commute to work

Jason Riley

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer who loves exploring the outdoors. Naturally I love being outside and living close to the Peak District gives me endless opportunities to be on a ridge or a granite edge. I'm working full time in a proper job which leaves me constantly looking out the window examining the clouds and weather wishing I was somewhere else. I mainly capture classic landscape photographs, however I've been leaning towards more artistic captures of the land.


For most people, the drive to work in the cold dark mornings during autumn and winter provides an indifferent start to their day. For me, as I pull off the driveway I'm full of hope and optimism. My journey to work travels around the edge of the Peak District, pass farmland and meanders through the countryside. That alone is an enjoyable experience in itself, it's definitely not the worse journey to work.

My Enjoyable Commute to Work

Along this enjoyable commute into work is an area of woodland managed by the Forestry Commission called Bottom Moor, it's full of mature Conifers and a spattering of Silver Birch trees. It's one of a few woodlands that I pass on the way to work, however this woodland due to its location on a ridge overlooking valleys either side is prone to fog, mist, frost and ice. The thing is that when I leave home some ten miles away, I have no idea what the weather will be like in the woods, so full of optimism I ensure the wellies, waterproofs and camera gear are all in the car, just in case today is the day. It can be clear skies at home, but Bottom Moor seems to have its own weather system. I never know what it's like until I get about a mile from it. Then boom, it hits. 

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