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Flow States and the Art of Consciousness Cycling

Being Conscious of the Subconscious

Alister Benn

Alister Benn is a Scottish Landscape Photographer, writer and guide, who lives in Oslo, Norway. Each year he runs a limited number of small group workshops in Finland, Norway, Spain and Scotland focussing on the development of the unique vision of a small group of participants. His main interests lie in the expression of personal vision through engagement with the landscape.


I'm passionate about me! - I believe I have a job to do, and that job is to become the very best version of me; limited as it is by genetics, but otherwise constrained only by my imagination and commitment to apply myself. Over the years, I've made more excuses than I care to recall, but as I stride purposefully into my 50's, I'm getting better at sticking to the job at hand - to become better at being me.

What does this mean? Measurement of this isn't purely subjective, as others can have opinions. For some, my abstaining from alcohol for the past year makes me a more boring version of me, but who's opinion is more pertinent? The same goes for my images, with some viewers preferring one style or subject over another, but I like them all for different reasons, as each represents various aspects of my creative personality.

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