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End Frame: Convergence, Iceland by Rafael Rojas

Andrew Wheatley chooses one of his favourite images

Andrew Wheatley

I am very fortunate to live on the North Devon coast, and most of my photography is centered around the coast near to my home. I find continued inspiration in the fleeting weather and the constantly changing face of the coastline.


When I received an e-mail from Charlotte at On Landscape inviting me to write an End Frame article I was both surprised and flattered in equal measure, however when the request had finally sunk in I have to say I was more than a little daunted.

Firstly who do I choose?

There are so many incredible photographers who's work is both beautiful and inspirational, many of whom are household names the likes of Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Noton, Ansel Adams to name but a few, all of which have changed the way we look at photography and the way we take or make photographs depending on your opinion.

There are also some names not quite so familiar who's work is equally inspirational. Galen Rowell who's book "Mountain Light" is a must read for all aspiring landscape photographers, David Unsworth, Colin Bell and Peter Watson all of whom have influenced me in some small way as I explore my own creative path.

But the name I keep coming back to is Rafael Rojas. Rafael is an award winning Spanish fine art photographer whose work usually focuses on a concept. Rafael is a Hasselblad master and his book "Timeless" was awarded " Best Fine Art Book" at the International Photography Awards 2016.

So which picture?

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