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Permanence and mutations of the landscape

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Pascal Lienard

Born in 1979, I studied at the Academy of Fine-Arts of Tournai (Belgium), and completed a master degree in Numeric Arts. I am a freelance graphic designer since 2003 and my photography work is influenced by my graphic designer gaze and practice. I live and work in the heart of the Natural Park of the Pays des Collines (Land of the Hills), a wide preserved plain in Picardy Wallonia (Belgium).


There is no doubt that the landscape is shaped by man himself, physically but also conceptually by his perception, his gaze. There is also time, linked with space, places. The landscape - or the territory, the country- where we used to live, that impacted us in terms of agricultural cycle and work is seen today under the linear and calibrated scale of our contemporary societies. We don't live the landscape today in the same way we used to yesterday.

The landscape we could observe yesterday has obviously changed with man and their needs; their conceptions, their religious beliefs or practices, and with their own presence inside the landscape: living and working mostly.

Pascal Lienard - Permanence and mutations of the landscape 14

These photo series consists of these juxtaposed elements, may they are physical (the landscape, the habitat), time-related (ancient, new) or symbolic (sacred, profane).
These places may look natural but they are not really anymore, for the most they became parks, national and natural parks, nature reserves. Man's hand preserved them from the outside, from himself and from time by freezing them. But at the same time, these natural places became artificial, temporary, and don't exist outside our gaze. Despite the initial intent, they are caught in the process of transformation and at the same time, they have lost their own temporality.

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