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End frame: Destruction of the Monumental Arch 2018 Sir Don MuCullin

Terry Ward chooses one of his favourite images

Terry Ward

Terry Ward took his first picture in 1977. Covering a wide range of topics over the years from landscapes in the Peak District to street photography in Cornwall and London.
He likes to work in project form taking a subject and focusing on a particular important aspect. His solo work Mill Roads Finest Hour, Vista and Fenlands have all been exhibited and he has contributed to group shows.
He is a published author and photobook creator. With Vista being his first. He also publishes historical and cultural publications. He is active on social media and has conducted many lectures about photography and history in the south east of England over the past few years.


Whilst thinking about the image to discuss, I looked at many traditional landscape shots, pondering on what makes an interesting image to write about. I initially thought about a Jem Southam shot, he was the photographer for me that changed my attitude to not only landscape but all photography. He showed me that by using repetition in my work could add to its power.

After all my deliberations, I decided to try to look at the image that was not just a pretty or thought-provoking thing, but something far more compelling. I looked for an image that could partly communicate sadness, but also be part of a continuing story.

After looking through many images I chose ‘Destruction of the Monumental Arch 2018 by Sir Don MucCullin. The 3rd century arch has been under the control of many great empires, including the Roman, Byzantine and Timurid. Its partial destruction in 2015 by ISIL made headlines around the world. The site is in the middle of the Syrian Desert and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

During Christmas 2018 my daughter brought me a gift, it was The Landscape by Sir Don McCullin, I unwrapped the crisp plastic wrapping and sat down on Christmas morning to look at my new photo book. The publication is the last instalment in a series by don, which documented many years of his work. I also have another in the series called My England, which is a hybrid collection of street and landscape photos and showed off the skill of McCullin’s varied work. He says; I do not take photographs I think, but most importantly he makes the viewer think. 

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