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End frame: Glowing Autumn Forest, Virginia by Christopher Burkett

Amongst my more contemporary influences is the photography of Shinzo Maeda and Christopher Burkett; it is Christopher’s image titled ‘Glowing Autumn Forest, Virginia’ that is my chosen end frame. Continue reading → more


End frame: Plate 29, Series called ‘Door suite’ by Ray K. Metzker

Metzker always titled and grouped his images based on their location or technique. He rarely gave individual images a descriptive title. Continue reading → more


End frame: Evening Tracks, Swaledale by Garry Brannigan

There is a natural meeting point of all the lines in the middle of the picture which holds the eye in the frame; so often this is not the case and we wander off the page! The trees on each edge help to emphasis this point. Continue reading → more


End frame: The Dysfunctional Family by Simon Baxter

One of the photographers I follow on YouTube, stands out for his woodland photography; Simon Baxter. Being able to watch Simon discovering, composing and making his images, provides an invaluable insight into his thinking and I hope plants creative seeds in my photographic mind. Continue reading → more


End frame: From the Cemetery Bins – The Graveyard’s Graveyard Series by Al Brydon

Each morning during term time, the photographer Al Brydon takes his son to nursery school. At first, it is up the road, past the local Social Club, then after a while, they turn in at an opening which is the entry to the cemetery. I Continue reading → more


End frame: Vesturhorn by Esen Tunar

It still has that uplifting vibe that I felt the first time that I saw it, and I still feel like I’m stood in the very spot that he was just taking in the wondrous view before me, probably just like he did. Continue reading → more


End frame: Zbyszko Siemaszko – Untitled (sygn. nr. 51-687-30)

We’re faced with a street well populated by people and vehicles, soaked in the pouring rain. Moreover, taken in a black and white which betrays the photograph’s analogue origins and its age. Continue reading → more


End frame: A line made by walking England 1967 by Richard Long

During my recent MA in Photography at UWE in Bristol, we were asked to identify an image which had inspired us. I chose this early work by Richard Long in which he walked up and down a field to make a line. Continue reading → more


End frame: Tree Vision by Sandra Bartocha

I can remember this image stopped me in my tracks. It is taken from a series produced by Sandra and is also an image that is evidently an abstraction from reality. Continue reading → more


End frame: Torridonian Sandstone by Alex Nail

For me, it represents the darker and more foreboding side of Scotland and perhaps one which I should embrace more when I encounter it, rather than just purely seeking those wow moment – just one reason I have moved up here. Continue reading → more


End frame: Reclaimed | Padley Gorge , The Peak District by Matt Oliver

It was becoming clear time had been spent with the subject Matt was photographing by really studying the landscape – using his foreground effectively to draw you in immediately. Continue reading → more


End frame: Altitude 2 by Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro’s work demonstrates how black and white photography can be so much more than these two colours. His work encompasses the many shades of grey in between. Continue reading → more


End frame: Glowing Aspens, Castle Creek Valley, Colorado by John Sexton

From the earliest days of my journey in landscape photography, John Sexton has been an inspiration. As one of Ansel Adams’ former assistants, his dedication to producing fine art,  black & white imagery using traditional materials is legendary. Continue reading → more


End frame: Flowers for Miles by Erin Babnik

I started photography a few years ago and have been following a select few photographers over this time who have always given me inspiration to me. I follow them purely because of their love and passion and skill in photography. Continue reading → more


End frame: Snowbird – Ritual Hieroglyph, Stanton Moor, 1977 by Thomas Joshua Cooper

The story starts with the ritualistic landscape itself, genuinely ritualistic, on the plateau of the moor and within half a mile of TJC’s image is the Nine Ladies stone circle, a monument 3,000 to 4,000 years old and itself surrounded by over 70 burial barrows and stone cairns.  Continue reading → more

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