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End frame: Reclaimed | Padley Gorge , The Peak District by Matt Oliver

It was becoming clear time had been spent with the subject Matt was photographing by really studying the landscape – using his foreground effectively to draw you in immediately. Continue reading → more


End frame: Altitude 2 by Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro’s work demonstrates how black and white photography can be so much more than these two colours. His work encompasses the many shades of grey in between. Continue reading → more


End frame: Glowing Aspens, Castle Creek Valley, Colorado by John Sexton

From the earliest days of my journey in landscape photography, John Sexton has been an inspiration. As one of Ansel Adams’ former assistants, his dedication to producing fine art, black & white imagery using traditional materials is legendary. Continue reading → more


End frame: Flowers for Miles by Erin Babnik

I started photography a few years ago and have been following a select few photographers over this time who have always given me inspiration to me. I follow them purely because of their love and passion and skill in photography. Continue reading → more


End frame: Snowbird – Ritual Hieroglyph, Stanton Moor, 1977 by Thomas Joshua Cooper

The story starts with the ritualistic landscape itself, genuinely ritualistic, on the plateau of the moor and within half a mile of TJC’s image is the Nine Ladies stone circle, a monument 3,000 to 4,000 years old and itself surrounded by over 70 burial barrows and stone cairns. Continue reading → more


Coast by Corrie

Visiting the Isle of Arran last year on a lone photo trip, I enjoyed the sea and the hills but found my highlight at dawn two miles down the coast from my hotel at Corrie. Continue reading → more


End frame: Spirit of the mountains

When you find yourself staring at a small fraction of the mountain world – such as the rocks’ hues spice with touches of early snow’s traces – enough to become a very small particle of that world then you might experience the pure beauty. Continue reading → more


End frame: “The Labyrinth” by Peter Dombrovskis

Then I asked myself why I was searching for a favourite image when it has been hanging on the wall for the past 10 or 15 years — and I’m still not tired of it! It’s “The Labyrinth” by Tasmanian wilderness photographer Peter Dombrovskis. Continue reading → more


End frame: One-way bridge at Trafalgar, by Fay Godwin

It is a beautifully balanced image. And then what makes the image for me is that the darkness under the bridge frames an image that is complete in itself—another view of the railway line overshadowed by another slender tree. Continue reading → more


End frame: A Sudden Squall, The Stirling Falls, Milford Sound, New Zealand by Jem Southam

In the blink of an eye, the elements in this part of the world regularly shift the sublime to the extreme. The weather here, in all of its variations, is a constant revelation. Continue reading → more


End frame: Scots pines silhouetted at sunrise, Loch Maree, Scotland by Peter Cairns

For me, this photo symbolizes the message that Peter Cairns wants to convey with his book and his lectures (more on this later): Nature in Scotland is still beautiful, but has been considerably stripped down. Continue reading → more


End frame: Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 4, Kotan, Hokkaido by Michael Kenna

Stephen McNally chooses one of his favourite images, a classic photograph from Michael Kenna Continue reading → more


End frame: Copper Beech, Stourhead, Wiltshire by Fay Godwin

The imperfect reflections, the asymmetry, the dark hanging branches, and the calm surface of the lake beyond combine to create a peaceful yet brooding atmosphere. Continue reading → more


End Frame: Paved path above Lumbutts, near Todmorden, West Yorkshire by Fay Godwin

Most of the poems in Elmet were written by Hughes in collaboration with Fay Godwin, who provided the stunning black and white photographs of this part of Yorkshire where Hughes grew up. Continue reading → more


End frame: Destruction of the Monumental Arch 2018 Sir Don MuCullin

The scene of destruction could be why Don was drawn to this area, it looks like it has just been bombed, the image documents a crushed and repressed area. Continue reading → more

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