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Thomas Joshua Cooper The Snake River. Cauldron Linn, No. 2

End frame: The Snake River. Cauldron Linn, No. 2 Jerome County, 2003 – 2004, Thomas Joshua Cooper

In the summer of 2003, Thomas Joshua Cooper travelled to Shoshone Falls in southern Idaho to photograph where the Snake River had tumbled across a 212 foot precipice more

Shell Pocket Twilight Copy

End Frame: Shell Pocket Twilight by Joe Cornish

While looking through First Light, it also dawned on me that many of the images in the book, especially Shell Pocket Twilight, are much more than just a photograph. more

Marianthi Lainas Tidal Pool #5

End frame: Tidal Pool #5 by Marianthi Lainas

When I saw this photograph by Marianthi, my first thought was that I was not sure if I was looking at the sea, but I definitely felt it. more

Bartocha Svalbard End Frame

End frame: Advendalen by Sandra Bartocha

The ethereal lighting illuminating the mountainside is what immediately draws the viewer into the landscape. This low sunlight radiates a warmth that perfectly complements the cold blues of the arctic tundra. more

Quietly Wirth Nathan 2048x2048

End frame: Quietly – Marin County Hills, CA (Infrared) by Nathan Wirth

Titled “Quietly - Marin County Hills, CA (Infrared)”, this image is a striking example of how black and white photography is more, not less. more

3029 Abisko Birches Sunset

End frame: Arctic Birches at Sunset, Lake Tornetrask by Lizzie Shepherd

What first drew me to Lizzie Shepherd’s Arctic birches at sunset, Lake Tornetrask, were its lovely muted colours. Winter in northern regions is sufficiently devoid of strong colour that we’re tempted to revert to monochrome. more

Jpegpia19952.width 1600

End frame: PIA19952: The Rich Color Variations of Pluto’ by New Horizons

Picking a photo for Endframe was exquisite torture. There isn’t a photographer I revere above all others. (There are too many to choose from!) Or even one particular favourite ‘go-to’ photo. (Ditto!) And don’t get me started on locations; I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great landscape images from anywhere on the planet. Thinking about it, I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great photos on any subject, not just landscapes. Can you see how more

Laurent Kronental Souvenir D'un Futur

End frame: Laurent Kronental « Souvenir d’un Futur »

At a time when questions of representation and representativeness are often raised in documentary photography, it's interesting to note how a singular approach manages to stand out and offer a more subjective view of a subject. more

Chris Harrison L1005214

End frame: 2.56pm, 1st January 2018 by Chris Harrison

The photograph (a single image) is the view through a very damp and smeary window on the top of a double decker bus. I think anyone who has spent time on a fuggy bus journey on a wet winter day can relate to the condensation dripping down the windows and the blurry view of slow traffic and wet people scurrying around below. more

Cherokee Autumn Forest

End frame: Cherokee Autumn Forest by Christopher Burkett

Burkett masterfully arranges the colourful leaves and contrasting lines of the tree trunks and branches, evoking the harmony rather than the chaos that often exists in nature. more

Lizzie Shepherd Harris Gneiss Boulders

End frame: Gneiss Boulders, Isle of Harris by Lizzie Shepherd

I love the transition zones, where the hardness of the rocky shore meets the soft texture of the breaking waves, followed by the colour transition of the blue sea into the soft grey of the distant mountains. more

Alpine Clouds Magnus Lindbom For On Landscape

End frame: Alpine Clouds, Sarek National Park – March 2015 by Magnus Lindbom

Magnus’ image “Alpine Clouds” reveals the special, timeless qualities of the mountains and represents a deep, ongoing commitment to exploring the region through the seasons and over the years more


End frame: Tulip Celebrations – 4 by John Blakemore

The picture I have chosen is a part of John Blakemore’s tulip journey called ‘Tulip Celebrations - 4’. Before I explain my choice of photograph, allow me to say a little about John’s approach to photography, drawing on his own words. more

Music Temple

End frame: Music Temple, Glen Canyon, Utah by Tad Nichols

Music Temple shows a calm curved section of the Colorado River as it runs beneath curved buttresses of sandstone. The bright sunlit sections contrast with the dark streaks of desert patina on the rock. more

Bridelveil Fall Winter Into Spring

End frame: Bridalveil Fall Winter into Spring by Charlotte Gibb

This photograph by Charlotte Gibb has been amongst my very favourite images for quite some time now. It is obviously a photograph of a well-known waterfall in the iconic Yosemite National Park, a place that has been photographed over and over again by so many, including of course, the unforgettable Ansel Adams. The reason why I chose this image as a favourite is because Charlotte has managed to make a photograph of an iconic spot that more

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