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End frame: Flowers for Miles by Erin Babnik

Priyanka Paltanwale chooses one of her favourite images

Priyanka Paltanwale

I am Amateur Photographer and a self taught photographer. I am into Photography for 8 years now. I love going out and enjoy Nature and capturing Nature and Landscape Photographs in different conditions.


I started photography a few years ago and have been following a select few photographers over this time who have always given me inspiration to me. I follow them purely because of their love and passion and skill in photography.

One of these is Erin Babnik. Her limitless exploration and intensive work in French Alps and Dolomites is extraordinary. Her endlessly amazing work has always given me the strength to go out and explore the outdoors for myself. The photograph shown here is a personal favourite and is an example of her profound work and her love and dedication to the craft.

As she says elsewhere, this photograph wasn’t an easy one to take and was caught in the glimpse of a sunray as it passed over the mountain. As a viewer and a photographer, it shows a beautiful combination of foreground and background. Those leading lines of wildflowers reaching towards the peaks along with its moody nature combine to give something truly enchanting. The photograph speaks for itself and whatever the weather was, there was much hope in capturing that special moment.

As a photographer myself, I understand that it is only possible to truly capture these moments when you enjoy your surroundings and are in tune with mother nature. If you have ever heard Erin talk, she has spoken about “The Balloon Story” a few times.

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