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End frame: Music Temple, Glen Canyon, Utah by Tad Nichols

Douglas Morse chooses one of his favourite images

Douglas Morse

Originally from the United States, I have lived in the UK for 15 years and currently reside in Cambridgeshire. Photography is a creative outlet that connects me with my brother who was a keen and talented amateur. I use film to develop my talents and enjoy printing mine and my brother’s work in the darkroom along with the making of the photographs.


I grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona, amongst the unique landscapes of that region. I was, as a result, in tune with the local environmental ethos. A poignant local episode was the filling of Glen Canyon by Lake Powell. This happened about the time I was born, and yet it echoed for decades so that I could get caught up in it in my youth. Glen Canyon Dam launched an environmental movement of its own and reshaped the Sierra Club forever.

While I grew up, my family boated and camped at Lake Powell, and this was my mother’s favourite place to be. It is a special and magical place, even when filled with water. Many happy days were spent hiking the slick rock canyons and sleeping under the stone amphitheatres. One, however, could not help wondering what was buried and truncated beneath those waters as you slept beneath an incomparable spray of pinpricks in the velvet darkness.

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