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End frame: Advendalen by Sandra Bartocha

David Southern chooses one of his favourite images

David Southern landscape photographer

David Southern

Photography has been in David’s blood from the moment he picked up his first camera. On his photographic journey he has taken pictures in a great many places from around the world including recording conservation projects for the World Wildlife Fund, (WWF).  Since becoming a full time photographer in 2018 much of his work has featured the intimate landscapes and wildlife found on his local Northumbrian coastline where he now lives. 

Being immersed in the natural world is where he is most at ease and where he finds his inspiration. David say’s, “I spend many hours exploring amongst rocks, seaweed and sand for compelling little scenes that tell stories of time and tide”.

He regularly contributes to photography magazines, podcasts and exhibitions and has won awards in a number of national and international competitions. An experienced public speaker and mentor, he has featured on local TV and radio.


I first saw this image at the Meeting of Minds Landscape Photography conference in 2019. It was just one of many outstanding and compelling photographs that we witnessed during Sandra’s awe inspiring presentation.This particular image immediately etched itself on my conscienceless and has stayed with me ever since. Rarely do I see an image that reawakens my youthful wanderlust and makes me yearn to leap on a plane and fly off to some unspoilt wilderness north of the arctic circle.

Advendalen is a 30km long valley on the island of Spitsbergen and features in Sandra’s book LYS. This impressive collection of words and photography is the result of a four year project she embarked on with fellow photographer Werner Bollmann. The landscapes, plants and wildlife of northern Europe are poetically assembled in a manner the captures the moods, moments and drama of life above the arctic circle with harmony and deep feeling. It is a book the sets out to show the essence of the landscapes rather than endeavouring to depict classic views of familiar places.

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