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Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers: John Clifton, Malcolm Blenkey, Martin Longstaff & Robin Sinton Continue reading


The Auvergne in Winter

The Auvergne in Winter is a new experience for me. I’ve been there several times in Summer, and I’ve thought about going there in Autumn but never quite made it. David Ward organised a trip this year in March, and   Continue reading


Milos Rocks!

Since times long before Ancient Greece, Milos has been an important centre of mining. Volcanic by birth, the small, crescent shaped island was a source of Obsidian 15,000 years ago. Continue reading


North Yorkshire Coast

The locations of these images are along a twenty mile stretch of the North Yorkshire coast between Redcar and Whitby, all of which are within a five to thirty-minute drive from where I live. Continue reading

Beech Boughs #1

Shaking the Tree

The aim was to use the visual scene in front of me as source material and see what would happen when it was abstracted through the use of camera movements and multiple image capture. Continue reading


Watching The River Flow

“Watching The River Flow” and subtitled “The Medway and its Moods” is my second exhibition. The river is the focal point of the exhibition, but very often it’s been the sky that has given an image its mood and character. Continue reading


Interview with Lee Filters

On a recent visit to On Landscape HQ we asked Jon Cuff from Lee Filters whether he would be able to answer a few questions about the process of creating the filters and a few questions from our readers as well. Continue reading


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers: Øutlïer, Sam Gregory, Steve Gledhill & Steven Kramer Continue reading



The live oak “boneyards” of the southeast coast of the United States hold a deep fascination for me. They are starkly beautiful and often deeply mysterious. Continue reading


Trees on Bredon Hill

After two long distance photo-hikes – the full length in both directions of both The Cotswold Way and The Thames Path – I looked for something much nearer home and settled on Bredon Hill near my home in Worcestershire. Continue reading


My Italy

Dotted around the slopes of the mountains these houses are simple yet effective and just staying in them for a few days is a great way to go back to a slower way of life where the main concerns are shelter, food and water. Continue reading


Black Clough

Black Clough is a gorge on the southern flank of the Woodhead Pass. Its steepness isolates it from the managed boredom of the surrounding grouse moor. Continue reading

View on Les Dents du Midi, October. Pentax 67II, SMC Pentax 55-100 mm lens, Fuji Reala.

Old School Romantic Landscapes

The principles of human perception, have evolved a lot over the past century of modern art, but still remain close to the origin. Hence, I believe it is worth observing those, that have been well formulated in the flourishing heritage left to us by classical landscape painters. Continue reading


The Freedom of Constraints

I wanted to produce a cohesive set of work, so a consistent depth of field, wide open, and final rendering styles were decided upon even before the press of the first shutter. Continue reading

Alex Boyd

Inside the Outside

Inside the Outside is a collective comprising: Al Brydon, Stephen Segasby, Joseph Wright and myself – Rob Hudson. We were brought together by a similar approach to photographing the landscape. Continue reading

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