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Dipping into the Landscape

I came upon landscape via a circuitous route. My main career for 25 years was as an author of young adult and children’s books including an eco-thriller titled Ravenwood with mile high trees and leaves the size of a human.   Continue reading


Between Land and Sea

It’s almost a year since I first received an email from Farley Farm House – Home of the Surrealists and the Lee Miller Archives, inviting me to exhibit my latest project “Between Land and Sea”. Continue reading


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers: Colin Russell, Graham Cook, Kathryn Johnson & Stewart Gregory. Continue reading


Bole Hill and Lawrence Field Winter

I put together these images after a winter trip to Bole Hill and Lawrence Field near Hathersage in the Peak District. Continue reading


The Lonely Planet

Simple and minimalist compositions of how I thought of Isle of Harris at the time… ‘The Lonely Planet’. Continue reading


Auvergne 2016

The Chaudefour Valley Corrie, one of the Auvergne’s most beautiful glacial valleys, is a superb mix of habitats from lush alpine pastures, scrubland, rocky crags and beech woodland. Continue reading


Burning the Bog

Many landowners burn the dry, dead vegetation on peatlands to encourage new lush growth to sustain their livestock. Other fires may be started maliciously, by accident or through natural causes. Continue reading


Birch Article – Call for Photos

Just like our Heather article in a previous issue, we would like to include some of your best photographs of the Birch, either as part of the landscape, as a subject in its own right or as part of an abstract, detail or macro. Continue reading


Pre Conference Workshop

When I was talking to Len Metcalf about coming from Australia to talk at our conference in November, he expressed an interest in offering a small workshop the week before. As a full-time photography teacher (at the aptly named “Len’s   Continue reading

A visitor looks at the work on display during a sunny interlude. Copyright: Natasha Afanasyeva

Organising a Photo Laundry

Visually resembling the print-drying lines that were strung across traditional photo labs, it’s part community event, part print-exchange and part pop-up exhibition. Continue reading


Towards a radical perspective

This summer I headed back into the woods, this time, the Moroccan variety; a little scruffy, not too grand, small scale, motivated once again to employ the self-imposed rules of 30 years ago Continue reading

Joe Cornish

Meeting of Minds Conference Update

With three months to go, we are delighted to announce that we have over 120 people booked for the conference. So without further ado, please find the latest information on the schedule of speakers, day tickets (and discount code) and lightning talks. Continue reading

Tim Parkin

Heather – Calluna Vulgaris

It’s heather season in the Northern hemisphere and those areas blessed with this glorious plant are being presented with one of the wonders of nature. In certain places in the Yorkshire Moors, Peak District and the moors of Scotland there   Continue reading

A pinkish dusk at Elduvík. The bright stripe below the cloud on the left is not where the filter ended. The cloud looked like that.

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, also known as “the islands of sheep“, lie in the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Iceland in the west and Norway in the east, and north of Scotland. Continue reading

Seilebost beach and house  (1 of 1)

Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios from our subscribers: Brian Clark, David Cole, Marc Hermans & Ruth Grindrod. Continue reading

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