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Itchen Navigation in High Summer

England and Nowhere

It’s become one of the mainstays of project-based photography, a simple, semi-mechanical way to invest one’s ingrained photo-habits with aesthetic significance. Continue reading [ read ]

bark study 41

Alan Ranger

I saw Alan Ranger’s blog post about photographic journeys and his own personal journey that culminated with some one to one tuition with David Ward and wanted to find out a little more about him. Continue reading [ read ]


Interview with Nicholas White

I’ve been following Nicholas’s photography since he started publishing his ‘Militarisation of Dartmoor’ series and when I saw he had started a new series on our bothy system I was intruiged to meet up and find out more. Continue reading [ read ]


Endframe: Basin Mountain, Approaching Storm, by Bruce Barnbaum

I first came across the name Bruce Barnbaum when I bought his book “The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression”. I remember sitting on the platform at London Bridge Station, waiting for the train home and reading the   [ read ]


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers – Andrew Mellor, Janet Salmon, John Erskine & Peter Williams Continue reading [ read ]


This Land Book Launch

Back in April Joe Cornish and Roly Smith hosted an event at The Joe Cornish gallery, to talk about the launch of their new book ‘This Land’. In this video they talk through how they chose the images & the stories behind them. Continue reading [ read ]


This Land – Book Review

When I visited Joe at the start of last year, he told me about a book project he was just starting. We chatted a little bit about it but I didn’t want to know too much as one of my   [ read ]

Half Light 2, 2016

Into The Woods

‘Into The Woods’ in an exhibition of my photographic work at Crane Kalman Gallery in Knightsbridge, London. The show runs from 21 July to 20 August 2016, and it is my first solo show in London since 2012. The exhibition   [ read ]

CSIRO ScienceImage 1791 SEM of a biting midge

The Dreaded Scottish Midge

The dreaded midge is the bane of many a summer photographer. Its insidious zzzz as you prepare your twilight masterpiece is enough to distract the hardiest of the outdoors brigade. And the fear is no longer confined to those North of the border. Continue reading [ read ]


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers – Rupert Nicholson, Andrew Wheatley, Marc Hermans & Krister Berg. Continue reading [ read ]

Yealm tributory wide (High Pass) (for OnLandscape) LR-3125

A Return to Waldeinsamkeit

Fernfire Wood is a conduit into the Dendle’s Wood National Nature Reserve, also a Site of Special Scientific Interest, which also includes Hawn’s Wood. It requires an access permit to wander these woods and I am very grateful to have had the chance to visit it over varying seasons Continue reading [ read ]

Additional summer heather shot

Surviving Summer

This series of articles is a follow-up to a session we ran at MOORSVIEW, to highlight some of the issues photographers needed to be aware of when heading out into the hills, beginning with Summer. Continue reading [ read ]

On landscape_issue80

Issue 116 PDF

Click here to download issue 116 (high quality, 126Mb) Click here to download issue 116 (smaller download, 50Mb)


On Landscape Room at the Joe Cornish Gallery

We are delighted to announce the launch of the ‘On Landscape Room’ at The Joe Cornish Gallery. In collaboration with the gallery’s commercial knowledge of the landscape, we have chosen a set of six photographs each from five photographers. Continue reading [ read ]


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

Our 4×4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers – Cheryl Hamer, David Taylor, Shona Grant and Roger backhouse. Continue reading [ read ]

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