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    on D810 Live View Split Screen

    Interesting stuff Tim. It was the Live View improvements that most interested me too. When I've used a D800 in the past I've always felt its LV function was a poor relation to my Canon 5D3's. The dual window feature is definitely of interest, I often use LV to check my DoF [...]

    - Duncan Fawkes, 13:22 1st Jul

    on Valerie Millett

    Valerie, your work continues to grow and become more focused and expressive. You certainly do have a feel for the desert landscape! Best wishes to you. G Dan Mitchell

    - G Dan Mitchell, 02:52 30th Jun

    on On Vision… Part 1

    Thank you David, absolutely fascinating - I think of you as a sort of photographer philosopher. I don't know if there is any other magazine focussing on landscape photography where you could read such stuff? Looking forward to the next part.

    - Jay Patel, 13:14 28th Jun
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The 5DS and 5DSR

The recent announcement of the 5DS and the 5DSR have caused quite a kerfuffle, as is to be expected. What is quite surprising though is the number of people either writing the camera off, or announcing it to be the   [ read ]


Deborah Hughes

This issue we’re interviewing Deborah Hughs, a photographer from La Sal, Utah (Near Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Hovenweep and Natural Bridges National Monuments). Deborah is retired but is still busy with her garden, grandchildren, representing local charities   [ read ]


10th February Live Broadcast

This is the page where you need to view the Livestreaming event on 10th February, 8pm. To register for the event, please go to the following article. Tim Parkin has recently on a tour around Iceland and David has been   [ read ]


10th of February Live Broadcast

With the success of the live broadcasts from our conference we’ve decided to run a few more and the first of these will be on the 10th of February. Tim Parkin has recently on a tour around Iceland and David   [ read ]

Three Elephants - Botswana

The Slow Interview with photographer Mark Olwick

Most interviews are done by phone or such like, and the interviewee has little time to think in depth about each question. I chose to interview Mark Olwick by e-mail, over a number of weeks, while he was travelling, giving   [ read ]


Funding Cuts for Birmingham Photography Collection

Funding cuts in the Arts were an inevitability due to the economic crisis – most of the arguments regarding cuts are about how far is acceptable and how far is too far. Cutting too far will inevitably erode our own   [ read ]


Jonathan Brown

We’re all judged on our images, often all too fleetingly, yet it is the connections that we make and the conversations that occur that can prove to be the most informative. A first telephone call to Jonathan Brown opened up   [ read ]

00 Header Image

36 Megapixels vs 6×7 Velvia

Over a year ago now we carried out various tests of medium format digital camera systems and film camera systems. The results, whilst interesting, didn’t tell us a whole lot about 35mm digital camera systems. Just after the D800 and   [ read ]


Weald – David Higgs

I have known David and admired his work for a few years now though our mutual connection with the filmwasters.com forum. During that time I have followed the progress of David’s 5 year project to capture the essence of the   [ read ]


The Problem with Photography Journalism

Landscape photography receives little wholly positive press in the newspapers but most coverage of photography in general is neutral to positive. However, over the last few weeks a certain journalist from The Guardian seems to have taken the reins from Brian Sewell and   [ read ]

A Beginning and an End

Taste and Landscape Photography

As you may already know from the interviews we have done with him, Mark Littlejohn was voted as the Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year. The picture chosen was one that gathered quite a lot of praise online   [ read ]


Above and Below by Hans Strand

Yann Arthus Bertrand has a lot to answer for. His book “Earth from the Air” has launched thousands of copycat aerial photography books. Anyone with access to a camera and a plane (or kite, or more recently drones) can point   [ read ]

6. Make a wish

Autumnal Notes

I decided to make a foray into my local woods last weekend (5th October), my first visit for quite some months. The forecast was promising – clearing skies, a drop in temperature and no wind. As predicted there was a   [ read ]


Wood Week – Exhibition and Talk

From 6.00pm – 7.15pm on Friday 17 October Joe Cornish will be in conversation with contributing photographers including Tim Parkin, Dav Thomas, Stuart Royse, Lizzie Shepherd, Paul Harris and John Irvine. The exhibition of prints from these photographers will continue   [ read ]


UK’s Largest Platinum Exhibition

David Higgs’ latest exhibition, entitled ‘Weald’, opens on November 8th. The culmination of a 5 year exploration of the hills, ghylls, heaths and ancient woodland he calls home, David has hand printed over 50 images in platinum. The exhibition runs   [ read ]

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