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A Fool’s Errand

| Posted Guy_Tal_Fools_Errand_2

To artificially impose some consistent look in all your photographs, rather than to let such a look emerge naturally from the way you experience and express the world and yourself, may result in a style, perhaps even a style unique to you, but it will not be your personal style. more

Realism and Honesty in Photography

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The role of realism in photographs, as discussed in Guy Tal’s recent article on the morality and realism in photography, is as provocative as it is elusive. Guy’s article, whilst impeccably written and well received, stimulated debate and discussion both on our website and amongst many of my colleagues. more


The first sign of spring

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  Here in The Netherlands I am out walking my dog every day. I have the time to notice the changes in nature as the seasons change. This year after a very long and cold winter, the arrival of green in the woodland where I walk filled me with so much energy. Inspired by the work of Doug Chinnery (and have been lucky enough to attend one more

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    on A Fool’s Errand

    Well reasoned, well said. The best discussion of "finding one's style" that I have seen. Thank you.

    - dick o'kell, 16:58 15th Jul

    on Holding an Exhibition

    As someone who's shown work now at various different events, the "is it a painting or a photograph" made me smile - this response, quite threw me at first. Sometimes hearing visitors comments are not, shall we say, encouraging, right through the spectrum to on one occasion spontaneous tears when a [...]

    - Barry Edge, 16:58 15th Jul

    on Sally Mann

    Thank you so much Joe for the article. I have been a fan of Sally Mann for quite some time too. Very much at the opposite of the concept of "liquid photography" I wrote about recently on OnLandscape, hers is a work of "presence". I strongly recommend the film "What remains", [...]

    - Rafael Rojas, 16:58 15th Jul

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