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Sunsets & Sunrises

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Capturing the sunsets and sunrises is my favourite type of landscape photography as it is done at a peaceful time, no one is about and it also pushes my skills around composition and the technical side regarding the use of filters, camera setting etc. Some of the images presented here were captured whilst Wild Camping in the local area. Wild camping nearby is a good more

On my doorstep

| Posted

Near to our home, there is a small natural habitat, called Pflasterbergle, covering an area not larger than about 100 x 150 meters, I guess. Over the last two years, I´ve been visiting this place with my Linhof Kardan Color (4"x5") nearly every other day. My motivation is not purely the documentation of the place, but the recording of the mood, my personal reception and more

Meet Your DMN

| Posted

When your attention is focused on the task of making photographs, mindfulness—consciously paying attention to things happening in the present moment—gives you the ingredients from which to make photographs. more


The Mediterranean Sea Revisited

| Posted

For many years, I've sailed the little sea between the Costa Brava, on the northeast coast of the Iberian peninsula and the Balearic Islands, behind a steering wheel. The more pleasant moments of the sailing were, at down or dusk, looking from the deck the cliffs, the capes, the lighthouses and the darkest entrances of the coves. But that was long time ago. Today, sometimes more

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    on The Hebridean sea

    Wonderful set of images!

    - Fabio Rage, 11:22 today

    on Social Media and Photography

    This is well written. I do often notice that most of the social media stars create mediocre work, just because they have to keep feeding the monster they have created.

    - prashant khapane, 14:08 16th Sep

    on Gorges of Steens Mountain

    Great to see your work here, Deigh! I've only been to Steens Mountain a handful of times and always wished I had more time to explore. Such a unique and powerful place.

    - Guy Tal, 15:54 29th Aug

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