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The Visual Language of Aerial Photography

There has been a proliferation of aerial images in contemporary Australian landscape photography. These aerial images are quite often very abstract in nature, which begs the question – what is the visual language of aerial photography? more

The Low Drone 11

The Low Drone

In this article, I would like to zoom in on another, in my opinion much less widespread, application of the drone for landscape photography. This does not involve flying high - on the contrary. In this technique, the drone is used to create intimate landscapes more

Carolyn Cheng Cyclone

Carolyn Cheng

In my daily life and work, my mind likes to discern patterns from complex sets of information and I also see images in this manner. Being up in the air, where landforms can be abstracted into shapes and patterns, I can more easily apply this skill. more


A Journey into Abstraction

Can we as landscape photographers take images devoid of an understanding of the history and significance of a given place? more


There are no Straight Lines in the Wilderness

Out here in this wild and barren place, was geometric evidence of man shaping the landscape, but with conventional photography, I couldn't get the photograph I wanted. more


Geometrical Landscapes

The viewpoint has turned this into an image that is actually about something completely different. What we see here is a perfectly balanced geometric patterned rendition of the landscape. more



We interviewed Timo for our Featured Photographer spot back in May 2014. He’s currently in the final stages of preparing a new exhibition of images of the melting polar ice cap which opens in London next week. more


Interview with Diego Lopez & Patrik Larsson

After spending a week in Andalusia you get back home with images from untouched fog forests, the wetlands of Doñana, photogenic coastal areas with the Moroccan mountains in the background, desert areas, mountain views from Cazorla and Grazalema. more


Endframe: Namib Desert 03, Namibia by Bernhard Edmaier

After years of trying to achieve such clarity through simplicity in my own work, I have really come to admire Bernhard Edmaier’s stunning aerial photographs more


Iceland from above

In 1995, during my first visit to Iceland, I discovered a book with aerial photographs of Iceland by German photographer Klaus Francke. I was blown away by the colours and the complexity of the Icelandic landscape. more


Wild Waters, Wetlands & Ice

In June, lots of snow is still left in the highlands. From the air you can see patterns of colourful rhyolite mountains mixed with snow stained by volcanic ash. more


Hans Strand – Part Two

Here we have part two of our Hans Strand interview where we ask him some questions submitted by our readers and also talk to him about a selection of images. Hans talks about his books, preference for black and white, working in cold weather, compares the D800 and Hasselblad digital and much more...   Tim: We’re here with On Landscape again, with some questions for Hans Strand. Hello Hans. First question from Paul Morton, who asks if you are getting any more

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