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Jane Goodall, Maxime Daviron, Peter Delaney & Phil Starkey

Jane Goodall

Jane is a Cambridge University Lecturer and research scientist. Photography has been a passion for the last 12 years. Armed with pink wellingtons and electric handwarmers, she enjoys exploring the British landscape and coastlines with a huge tripod and brick of a camera.. Jane is a photographic judge for the East Anglian Federation and itinerant lecturer on landscape photography. The Fens have recently been featured in my Open Studios exhibition in July in the Fenland village of Swaffham Prior.


Maxime Daviron

I went into photography pretty early, as a kid, with disposable cameras. Year after year, that took a more important place in my life. Quite quickly, it became primordial, passing from simple tool of testimony to a real medium of expression. My pictures turned globally around nature, until I discovered the Pyrenees mountains by setting in southern France during the summer of 2011.


Peter Delaney

In 2001, I made a decision to quit a career in finance to pursue my dream of travelling Africa in 4x4 Land cruiser. I have spent months in the African Wilderness looking for that unique photograph to showcase the rich variety of Wildlife and the beautiful Landscape that Africa has to offer.


Phil Starkey

Phil Starkey is a self taught landscape photographer whose work is mostly concentrated around the Cornish coast and Dartmoor. Phil is at her happiest standing on a clifftop or Tor somewhere being battered by the wind and the rain.


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Jane Goodall

The Fens

Maxime Daviron


Peter Delaney

Ebb & Flow : Rocks

Phil Starkey

Ocean Motion


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