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Alan Ranger, David Ball, Lucy Littleton & Martial Comeau

Alan Ranger

I am a full-time photography educator. Running workshops, courses and supporting individuals in their pursuit of their love of photography at all levels.


David Ball

I'm a landscape photographer based in and around the UK, I finally found my passion for landscape work after doing various types of photography through my ten years of experience. My inspiration to become a photographer started at a young age when my granddad would inspire me with his camera on holidays. My passion is now with landscape work, some of which has been published in leading magazines including Digital Camera Magazine.


Lucy Littleton

I am a Shropshire based freelance photographer particularly focused on travel, landscape & lifestyle. Since graduating from University I have been lucky enough to be able to combine my two biggest passions in life - travel & photography. My travels are always inspired by photography and my work is continuously inspired by my travels & my never-ending bucket list.


Martial Comeau

Born in Shippagan, New Brunswick Canada, I began in photography in at around 19 years old in the late 70's. It was my main hobby for close to 10 years than a long brake caused by a return to study followed by other life obligations. Since around 2010, I have return back to it focusing mainly on landscape and nature photography.


Welcome to our 4x4 feature which is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted from our subscribers. Each portfolios consisting of four images related in some way. You can view previous 4x4 portfolios here.

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Alan Ranger

Backyard Snowfall

David Ball

The Peak District in Snow

Lucy Littleton

Around the World

Martial Comeau

Down by Shepody Bay

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