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Photographing Snowdonia Mountains by Nick Livesey

Book Review

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

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I picked up Nick’s book without any expectations of what the book would be. Having made locations guides myself in the past, I knew that trying to make every image a compositional classic is missing the point of a photography guidebook and could be said that it robs the reader of the chance to find classic compositions themselves and subliminally tells them what to take photographs of.

After an excellent start to the book showing the safety, accessibility and local knowledge aspects of walking in the mountains (i.e. Where to get a good breakfast!) the book’s core content is a series of high-level mountain walks, with viewpoints selected along the way. These aren’t necessarily just big hill bimbles either. The Snowdon Horseshoe walk, including Crib Goch, isn’t for the faint of heart, especially carrying a camera bag and tripod. Most walks are more accessible though still ‘strenous’, especially on a winter’s day. The “moderate” walks still over 8 miles and 2000ft of ascent!

The photographs included have been chosen to show the context of the mountain and parts of the walk and as such are mostly more literal than artistic but they are just what you need in a guidebook to show you the lay of the land and hint at the potential of each viewpoint chosen. The text description of each stage of the walk is excellent as well. A good description of the impediments you may encounter and often less exposed alternatives.

I’ll certainly be using the book when I make a trip to the area next year and if you have a passion for the Welsh mountains you won’t go too far wrong in this book

You can buy the book directly from fotoVue for £25

p.s. If you find yourself feeling like you can’t manage one of the big mountain walks, there’s a bunch of roadside bimbles described in the last chapter - Bonus!

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