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End frame: Untitled 2008/09 by Bill Henson

Neville Prosser chooses one of his favourite images

Neville Prosser

My first real camera was a soviet Zenit E SLR, the one before that was a Kodak Instamatic 133. I used to love walking around making pictures with those cameras, everything was a possible picture for me. Waiting for the film to come back from the chemist seemed to take ages. I have been hooked ever since.


Having been asked by Tim Parkin to write this months End Frame, My first thought was. Who? You see having been a working photographer since 1990 I view an image as a commodity, something you sell to make money. I usually only view images from the fact. Is it doing its job? There are very few landscape photographers who's work I enjoy, and that's not to say there are people making some wonderful pictures out there. I lay my blame flat squarely in the lap of the Internet.

From an art's point of view there are many images that impart a feeling, whether that be of joy or recoil. One of those photographer's that seems to allow my creative energies to grow is Australian photographer Bill Henson.

He is one of Australias most admired and respected artists. His work is represented in every major Australian, and many of the world's leading museums and art galleries. In fact it was the purchase of two of his book's this year that inspired me to go and make some urban landscape pictures that have just been published in the US. Funny how things work out, as I don't see the way Bill does. I just enjoy his eye for light and how he reveals it to us.

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