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Francesca Mazzoni, Leslie Ashe, Matt Oliver & Paul Nixon

Francesca Mazzoni

I am a travel journalist writing for National Geographic Italia and a blogger focused on polar regions. I drove 500 km by snowmobile in the white desert of Svalbard Islands, visited remote little fisherman villages in Greenland, traveled along ice roads in Canada slept in glass igloos and icy beds in Finnish Lapland. A very very cold and icy reporter.


Leslie Ashe

I am an enthusiastic landscape photographer from Northern Ireland. The purchase of a Zenith B in 1972 began my interest in photography. Since retiring, my focus has been on landscape and I like nothing more than getting out into the landscape whether it is woodland, coast or mountain and losing myself in the process of finding images.


Matt Oliver

I've been a professional photographer for the past 20 years and enjoy the Landscape as a balance to my day to day commercial work. Living on the edge of the Peak District allows me time to explore the beautiful countryside and what this stunning part of the UK has to offer.


Paul Nixon

Born in Dublin Ireland, Paul spent much of his early childhood years growing up in County Sligo, located in the North West of Ireland. Set in the shadow of a two thousand foot tall mountain known as Tievebaun. Paul's grandmother, Margaret, a mystical woman had a great influence over him. Today Paul lives with his wife Francesca and daughter Ana Claire in Greensboro North Carolina. In his 20 plus years living here he has carved out a reputation as a sculptor/ artist and photographer and much of his work is influenced by those early day experiences which capture the imagination of so many who have come to know his work.


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Francesca Mazzoni

Lofoten in winter

Leslie Ashe

Iceland rock

Matt Oliver

The Quiet

Paul Nixon

Superstitions and Folklore

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