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Deigh Bates, Harris Steinman, Mark Naylor & Neville Prosser

Deigh Bates

I am a retired hydrologist who worked many years for the U. S Forest Service. I live in Eugene, OR. Trips to Central and Eastern Oregon are a year occurrence and often times comprise the highlight of my photographic year. I have begun to do more and more Black and White images as I think they bring out the glory of the western landscape.


Harris Steinman

Harris Steinman, originally a self-taught-photographer, has been photographing for over 40 years, since the age of 15.

Growing up in a quiet rural farming environment, he has immersed into the “noisy” world of science, people, and cities, resulting in a considerable influence on his visual interpretation of his surroundings. Later he began an informal mentorship and took various workshops, masterclasses, shifting his image-making into a more conscious and conceptually driven context.


Mark Naylor

I am a pattern maker by trade which requires a certain amount practicality and creativity which is probably why i find photography so gratifying. I was brought up in Sheffield and after getting married and having a son spent 10 years living on the North-West coast of Scotland. I returned to England in 2012 and now live in Derbyshire. I have been practicing photography for about 20 years now, originally with film and darkroom and now digital and film...I still have my 5x4...Love it.

My first inspiration was the late Barry Thornton. His efforts to the technical were astounding and what made me want to take up the challenge and try something a little extra ordinary.

Neville Prosser

My first real camera was a soviet Zenit E SLR, the one before that was a Kodak Instamatic 133. I used to love walking around making pictures with those cameras, everything was a possible picture for me. Waiting for the film to come back from the chemist seemed to take ages. I have been hooked ever since.


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Deigh Bates

Gorges of Steens Mountain

Harris Steinman

Scattered Light

Mark Naylor

2 minutes in Northumberland

Neville Prosser

The Coast


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