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Carwyn Davies, Karsten Zeidler, Matt Oliver & Vladimir Kysela

Carwyn Davies

I love to go out with my camera and take photographs. All my work is done with a 4x10" wooden field camera, and Ilford FP4+ film. I develop and contact print in my little bathroom at home.


Karsten Zeidler

I live in Berlin and am a geographer. Photographically, I'm autodidact. I often take pictures on holiday, which I often spend in Scandinavia. In recent years I have also concentrated on motifs on my daily way to the office on the outskirts of Berlin.


Matt Oliver

I've been a professional photographer for the past 20 years and enjoy the Landscape as a balance to my day to day commercial work. Living on the edge of the Peak District allows me time to explore the beautiful countryside and what this stunning part of the UK has to offer.


Vladimir Kysela

I enjoy the freedom of choice and understanding of themes. Landscape photography in a specific place is partly a project, partly entertainment and partly a professional challenge. When I began systematically pursuing photography, everything revolved around mastering techniques – whether with the camera, or during the post process in Photoshop and the subsequent artist’s print.


Welcome to our 4x4 feature which is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted from our subscribers. Each portfolios consisting of four images related in some way.

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Carwyn Davies

Grovely Wood


Karsten Zeidler

On the daily way to the office

Matt Oliver

Woodland Squared

Vladimir Kysela

Through the eyes of Hans Christian Andersen


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