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Alistair Young, Camila del Castillo, Jesibel Fernandez & John Martin

Alistair Young

I live on the Isle of Skye where I wander the hills and mountains of the northwest highlands, documenting landscapes with photography and Gaelic poetry. A software developer for 25 years, a university lecturer for 14 but a walker and mountaineer for 40 and always with a camera and notebook to hand.
Occasionally the bathroom doubles as a darkroom for trips with the Bronica, reliving the moments as the prints emerge into the light.


Camila del Castillo

I'm Camila a Bolivian-Croatian photographer and visual artist based in Barcelona. I absolutely love landscape, I feel that when I capture a moment im actually taking a self portrait of me but Im not physically in the picture.


Jesibel A. Fernández

Photographer of the State of Canindeyu, Paraguay. Since 2010 improving every year for a better understanding of the relationship between man and nature.


John Martin

I am a 53 year old Air Traffic Controller and part time Landscape photographer. I have been photographing for years but so far kept my images to myself family and friends. I recently started posting to my twitter feed and plan a website for next year.


Welcome to our 4x4 feature which is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted from our subscribers. Each portfolios consisting of four images related in some way.

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Alistair Young

Found Light in a Dark Time

Camila del Castillo

The Sea & The Salt

Jesibel A. Fernandez

Red Land

John Martin

The Last Of the Leaves

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